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Antique Old Wooden Door Panel bedroom Closet Eclectic Interior Design

Antique Old Wooden Door Panel bedroom Closet Eclectic Interior Design

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  • Color : Blue
  • Size : 80x36 inches
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  • Unique Masterpiece of Handmade Vintage Door Panel Discover an amazing great Indian work of art designed out of great passion and creativity. Creating a conscious home starts with knowing yourself: what calms you, what drives you and what stresses you. You can create a space that supports you, gives you joy and inspires you to excel. Decorating beautifully improves your quality of life. By surrounding yourself with the five elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air and ether, your living space will come alive. Create a space defined with the beauty and charming energy of your beautiful self. Vintage doors from old Indian Havelis carry the energies of the old days, each inscribed with ancient symbols of the sundial and lotus flowers, elephants and vines, bringing the earth and energy elements into your home. Studded with iron and brass they balance the electromagnetic field by grounding the negative ions int to the earth. Armoires and sideboards that are handmade from these old doors are used for the same reason as well, apart from being unique and one of a kind. Using vintage Indian doors salvaged from old mansions and beautiful carved teak columns, arches in the architectural design brings the royal vintage aesthetic into an urban property. Architects and interior designers love working with the castle doors and architectural elements that once were part of old world design.Whether your end style is rustic farmhouse, bohemian, spanish modern, industrial, contemporary or vintage bohemian, the stunning appeal of antique elements gives new life and ambiance to your renovation Exterior Dimensions - 80x36 inches

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