Hand Carved Indian Wall Panels


Indian Goddess Saraswati with Veena Vintage Barn Door


Mogulinterior carry indian antique furniture which carry symbols of accient traditions such as lotus, chakras, sundail, floral, elephants, peacocks and etc.... all signify happiness, good luck, energy, prospertiy and abundance. Antiques Colorful Hand Carved Door Panels of GANESHA, KRISHNA, BUDDHA, VISHNU etc... add positive energy.

Finely Detailed each carving wall panel doors has a story and energy that radiates from it and syncs with your chakras. Lord Ganesha Carving Bringer of Good Luck into home, Lord Krishna whose wisdom through Bhagwad Gita is so pure and true, Chakra able to balance our inner energy, the flower LOTUS dedicated to Brahma and Lotus help to bringing good chic and dissolve black magics, Hindu God Shiva who Keeps the energies in balance creating life from annihilation and Peace Buddha Symbolize divine energy & harmonize your thoughts, bringing in the bliss of happiness... every and each one a symbols of spiritual energy.

Antique doors can create a historic feel and a dramatic look. The carved doors are elaborate and classy. Antique doors are a perfect match for old wooden furniture. These wooden carved doors are availiable in a variety of carvings like ancient, ethnic. Multiple uses of the panel are as a wall panel, shutters or frame into an interior door or make into a dining table. Carved doors create exotic and royal look to any home interior.


Antique Brass Medallion Teak Wood Haveli Double Doors



Joyful Vintage Hand Carved Fluting Krishna Carving Wall Sculpture



Khajuraho Inspired Vintage Kamasutra Hand Carved Wall Sculpture



Antique Indian Door Panel Maa Kali Yoga Wall Panel



Vintage Antique Hand carved Ram Sita the divine Love wall decor


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