Antique Chests, Dressers and Buffets

Entirely, viable and adaptable, antique sideboards and Consoles include history and character along with storage.

The brilliant thing about decorating with antiques is that they add moment history and soul to a home. There's something particularly human about an antique object that was made by hand that has survived thru years.

Antiques also enhances the decor with their sheer beauties. It's a delight to live with things that may never be made a similar way again, and making handy utilization of them permits the past to wake up in the present. This is reason enough to make antiques a piece of your home and your life.

An antique chest gives storage and visual weight enthusiasm if kept on the foot of the bed.


Antique Buffets Chest Storage Drawer Sideboards from Jaipur



The shape of a Colorful Console Damchia Sideboard is so appealing, and obviously it is great for storage. But the very thing that makes the flat top exterior appealing also eliminates their usefulness as an ideal piece for anything from that television to family photos. A touch of conceiving of brand new ideas can open up a world of potential outcomes for utilizing collectibles in decorating.


Wooden Indian Damchiya Cabinet Hand Carved Painted Colorful Chest



This primitive chest goes about as a low passage lobby table. It gives visual intrigue and a surface for show and innovation, and additionally stockpiling for from time to time utilized things. It can be used as a tool chest


Exotic Patina Trunk Storage Chest Jaipur India


"Dresser" is short to dress table, and is not quite the same as a chest just in that it has an appended reflect. In spite of the fact that this Vintage Rustic Reclaimed Wood chest can be converted into a dressing table chest. This sideboard can also be used as a hold perusing materials.


Vintage Rustic Reclaimed Wood End Table Drawers


This Antique Indian Furniture Architectural Wall Cabinet adds drama and richness to the bedroom. The upper drawers are incredible for sweaters, unmentionables and other dress things. And also can be used as a fireplace mantel. This antique chest can also live comfortably in a living room flanking a fireplace and adding great decorative variety to your decor.

Antique fireplace mantel Wall Cabinet


Regardless of whether it's a chest, sideboard, or a console, the awesome old antique look, designing with these pieces is a spirit fulfilling enterprise that that will open your home to a expansive scope of beautiful and practical solutions