Rustic Sideboards, Vintage Chests

Rustic handcrafted antique doors and reclaimed woods, rustic natural earthy patinasideboards and Consoles furniture that is art, the carvings include tribal folk history and an old world character along with being practical for storage.Platinum Level Expert Author- Era Chandok

The phenomenal thing about decorating with antiques is that they add history and soul to a home. There's something particularly realistic about an antique cabinet or console that was made by hand and has survived through the years, all the families and journeys it has seen.

Antique door sideboards with their rustic carved patinas, vintage consoles enhance the decor with their character and energy. It's a delight to live with things that may never be made a similar way again, treasures of bygone years

An antique chest gives storage and works as a statement piece, eclectic design and curated media chests , unique and one of a kind furniture each piece lovingly restored.


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