Furniture From India

Mogulinterior brings you a wide variety of India antique wooden furniture to bring an ethnic style to your home decor. From Indian wooden tables, hand carved cabinet armoire, to british colonial furniture items, we provide a range of fine hand carved furniture from india.



Antique Armoires

Mogulinterior brings to you Antique Armoires offering lowest prices on beautiful teak wood finish Carved, Brass cladded armoires, computer armoires and wardrobe armoires. Cabinets made from remnants of old doors with beautifully aged patinas are unique and very exotic.Add a style and flair to your interiors with hand carved and visually pleasing furnitures from India. Sturdy teak and sheesham are solid woods and take on the warmth of age in a very calming and rustic manner.







Vintage Bookcases

Practically everyone has one of some sort, whether they have books or not. Using the frame of Antique Doors, our range of Bookcases come in a number of versatile styles which are ornamented with amazing hand carvings. Arched bookshelves and other furniture's from India with their warm and rustic patinas can easily be incorporated into Spanish or travel the world, Bohemian decor.




Sideboards and Consoles

Sideboards such as damchia and Manjoosh from Gujrat are old antique Indian Chest that were used to store clothes and accessories. Carvings such as horses, elephants signifying the royalty were commonly used and the more elaborate the carving, the higher the royalty. Mirrors on the Damchias would reflect the evil and the chakra carvings would balance the energy of the interiors.Use a buffet servers or aisle decor ,eclectic and unique antique chests will stir the energies of your interiors.





Old Door Tables

Coffee Table found in a living room serves as a focal point for the eye, guiding and inviting it to view the rest of the room decor. From modern to contemporary, trendy to classic, the right coffee table can be the perfect accent piece for any décor. Old door tables are exquisitely rustic and full of character Carved Table/Benches with their intricate enamled designs are exotic and very rich in their texture..



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