Bohemian design is for creative free spirited souls, there are no guidelines aside from an expression of their spirit. The bohemian design is irregular and mixed with eclectic expression, all loaded with artworks, collectibles from around the world and lots of textiles.
The bohemian design plays with embroidered patchwork tapestries and quilts ,something for the new voyager. Textiles and materials are bohemian style wanderlust that get the character of the nations that you have journeyed A bohemian embroidered throw pulls in the shades of the earth, loaded with embellishments and weaves of antiquated tribal artisans
For an exceptionally old fashioned and regal look, you can have some resplendently sari weaved decorations likewise that are loaded with zardozi work.
Mogul or a multifaceted banjara decoration are fortunes of traditional artistry and craftsmanship. Offbeat textures, tribal prints and mandalas blended with bohemian designs and sheer gauzy window curtains are welcoming insides for the free lively bohemian originator.
Cascading water Blues, peaceful mossy greens, dynamic tuscan reds and burnished copper yellow make visual spells of outline that inebriate your faculties. Ari weaving embroidered works of art, kantha crochet covers, kashmir pashmina covers are only a couple of things that top off the storage compartment of the bohemian soul.
Bohemian, tribal exotic printed handloom cotton blankets are an invigorating springtime complement for an outing or a garden lunch, Use as a picnic throw or add a burst of shading to your home's decor.
Luxuriously woven Indian hues and captivating prints of paisley and the tree of life, peacocks and elephants, the bohemian soul celebrates in the prints and hues from India. Banjara ethnic conventional bedcovers from India are hand woven in rich mirror and kantha weaving. Each piece remarkably portrays the conventions and craft of the locale imaginatively and ethnically.
These conventional Indian embroidered works of art are strongly bohemian with their novel plans and lavish hues. Tribal design and rich vibrant hues with delightful themes make a kaleidoscope of enthusiasm and lively vitality. Bohemian designs are layered with textures all over.
 Use toss pillows on furniture pieces, banjara tapestries as window dressings, or floor coverings in your meditation room, connecting to mother earth through age old traditions and art.

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