A statue is a sculpture portraying a specific energy, generally a person, incident, occasion, animal or object. The primary concern of a statue is depictive and representational. Statues of deities and gods bring in an aura of spirituality.
Adding serenity to beauty, brass statues are perfect collectible items to decorate your home or workplace to bring life into your environment. Wholesale religious statues can add elegance on to your home décor. On the other hand carved Buddha statues can add sophistication to your office decor and also serves as lucky charms.
Brass statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been a central theme of Hindu Art since the 9th century and the beginning of the Chola Empire. The brass statues of Hindu Gods are seen not as being an icon to worship but as the actual Hindu gods present within the metal statues.
Bringing home brass religious statues symbolically means inviting a living Hindu God into your home and into your life.
Proportion and balance are very much needed to carve a statue out of any metal because any wrong proportion would not help in bringing out the delicate beauty of the religious statues.
Thus not only the creator’s imaginative power but also the concentration while pouring of the liquid metal into the mould is vital for carving a piece of delicate beauty goddess Lakshmi is personified as not only the goddess of fortune and wealth but also as an embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm.
She is normally depicted standing or seated on a lotus. She has four hands, In two hands holding lotus flower and other two hands in the abhaya mudra. And many other her idol gold coins are seen dropping down from the palms of this goddess of prosperity.
Lakshmi was not only considered Goddess of riches but also of beauty in many mythological renderings." It is quite likely that, because of the underlying human desire for wealth and beauty, ahe absorbed a large number of folk elements during her evolution into a widely accepted member of the pantheon".
Lakshmi is depicted as the embodiment of all the aspirations of peace loving man; wealth, riches, prosperity, in contradiction to the depiction of Durga or Kali when these qualities are not stressed but her ferocity is highlighted.

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