Khajuraho temples are India's foremost architectural and sculptural treasures. Their wealth lies in moments of perfect occurrences depicted by beautifully sculpted forms in elegant detail and enthralling architecture.
The distinctive feature about these temples are the profusely carved walls with an erotic element.The figures of gods and goddesses, nagas and naganins, apsaras and mythical animals and hundreds of couples in erotic moods present a panorama of sculptures in captivating rhythm and grace.
The figures sculpted are a medium for the expression of the mood. Sculpture has triumphed over architecture in Khajuraho.
Our Krishna, Kamasutra are inspired by these temple sculptures, their beauty bearing semblance to these lavishly extravagant carvings. Carvings of processions, animals, dancers musicians, hunting scenes depict the daily life historically and fascinate you with their detail.
The presence of erotic figures on temples is directed to the fact that religion and sexuality are closely interlinked. A pinnacle of love and passion Khajuraho represents a timeless state of non duality.


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