Chakras makes our energies counterflow in the subtle body. Healthy chakras nourrishes our mind, body and spirit healthful. A closed chakra causes closing yourself off to others.

Let us design our home to balance our Chakras because a happy house is a happy you!!

The Root or Base Chakra is associated with feeling of safety and grounding which governs the Kitchen. The kitchen is where we sustain ourselves so a clean, bright and welcoming atmosphere keeps the chakra contented. An antique Indian sideboard or manjoosh carved in old wood works gloriously as an island where your own gets together while cooking their favorite meals. Grounding woods and earthy colors of vintage carved barn doors for the pantry, the tree of life encourages us. Decorate with fresh fruits and flowers, sustaining the source. The old door console made from antique doors and studded with iron and brass converted into a pantry room door cabinet gives the earthing element.

Designing with furniture and architectural elements of ancient times gives meaning to our collections and energizes us with its pleasing vibrations.

Vintage Indian antiques doors, architecture, arches, earthing furniture, sideboards and consoles, coffee tables, old world energy balancing cabinets, carved barn doors at Platinum Level Expert Author- Era Chandok

Antique Terrace Door Brown Iron Strap Farmhouse Style Jharokha


Antique Huge Indian Carved CHAKRA FISH PEACOCK Door Teak Wood Door & Frame Brass

Antique Indian Vintage Door Distressed Blue Solid Teak Doors Architectural Commercial Interior Design

Tribal Chest Manjoosh Green Patina Carved Sideboard 19c


Tribal Sofa Table Carving Extra Long Console

Vintage Room Divider Hand Carved 4 Panels Screen Room Decor

Bohemian Vintage Barn Door Hand Carved Dreams Interior

Vintage Wall Hanging Tribal Ancient Farm Decor

Standing Buddha Wall Panel Beautiful Hand Carving Wooden Door Panel Wall Decor Wall Sculpture Wall Art

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