Patanjali is the founder of the yoga sutras and he interpreted, compiled yoga sutra. He is also called Adisesa. The word Patanjali derived from two words pata and anjali. “Pata” means fallen, serpent and anjali means folded palms. He spread yoga all over the world.

Birth of Patanjali : Some authorities believe that he lived almost between 4th century BCE and 2nd century AD, although there is no proof about these estimations. It is believed that once, while hindu lord Vishnu seated on his serpent bewitched by the dancing of Lord Shiva. Vishnu got so enchanted that his body started vibrating. Adisesa suffered discomfort, found Vishnu’s body very intolerable to lift. When dance is ended the weight of his body fell off. Having seen the advantages of yoga, Adisesa determined to learn yoga. Lord Shiva blessed him to bear amongst humans as Yoga Guru (Patanjali).

Yoga Sutras : Patanjali has introduces 196 yoga sutras. He has systemized science and art of yoga in the Yoga Sutras. Yoga practices establish stability within the inner body According to Patanjali, there are two powers-one is the power that sees, the other is the power of seeing. The former is the soul that sees and the latter is intellect (mind) the power of seeing. When these two different things are identified as one and the same thing, that feeling of identification of both as the same thing is called egotism. The mind, body, ideas and thoughts are subject to constant change, but the true self never changes. One ordinarily identifies the immortal self with one’s body due to ignorance or egoism. Sometimes one becomes angry due to some feeling of egoism. Therefore one is required to locate the genesis of such feelings which roused them in order to get rid of the demon of egoism.

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