Gautam Buddha is said to be the ninth incarnation of Vishnu. However, many do not agree. They feel that the theory of his being an incarnation of Vishnu was advanced to create misunderstanding amongst people. We cannot, however, overlook the fact that Gautam Buddha was born in India, where he attained Nirvana and went on to influence Hindu religious thought. Despite originating in India, Buddhism did not continue to attract adherents in India as it did in other countries. In  1193, marauders led by Bakhtiyar Khalji sacked the great Buddhist in India. However, it thrived mightily in in South-East Asia. There are almost 350 million Buddhist around the world.

Siddharth was born in a garden in Lumbini to Mahamaya and Shudhodhan, ruler of a small kingdom the on the present Indo-Nepal border. Astrologers predicted that Siddharth would one day either be an emperor or an ascetic who would renounce the pleasures of the world and show humankind the way to eternal bliss. Despite much dissuasion from his family, at the age of 29, one night he slipped away from home when everyone was fast asleep. He joined two Brahmin hermits. Together they meditated to find the root cause of suffering. In search of the truth, Siddharth visited the wise and the learned and the Buddha became a teacher.


Meditating Buddha Brass Statue


Standing Buddha Brass Statue in Blessing Posture


Standing Buddha Statue Blue Jade Blessing Mala


Garden Sculpture Large Buddha Stone Statue Asian Art Patio


Blessing Buddha Carved Stone Sculpture 12


Tara Sculpture Buddhism Buddhist Religion Brass Buddha Statue


Buddha’s Teachings :

The Buddha proclaimed that there were four eternal truths :

  1. There is suffering in life.

  2. There are causes for this suffering.

  3. This suffering can be avoided.

  4. There is a middle path to avoid suffering

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