Hinduism exists for the existence of Life itself. In the times of Rama who came much before Lord Krishna existed Dharma and only Dharma.
The most fundamental of Hindu deities, is the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. But many other gods such as GaneshaKrishna, Rama, Hanuman, and goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga, Kali and Saraswati top the popularity chart with Hindus
Vishnu-The Preserver
Vishnu is the Protector of the Universe. This is a very unique and wonderful reverse carving black stone Vishnu statue. Vishnu has one head and four arms. In his hands he holds a discus, mace, couch-shell and one hand here rests on the lap, with upturned open palm. And Vishnu sitting on serpent. His face is always clam and peaceful. His claws are dug into a snakes body and his beak is about to grasp a snakes head. He wears a crown on his head. Bedecked with precious jewelry adorns on his chest and his wrist. Vishnu in a protection posture
Hindu God Shiva-The Destroyer
Shiva is the third member of Hindu Trinity according to Hindu Religion. Shiva wood sculpture is magnificent! He embodies the tranquil and calm attributes of the reclusive Hindu God Shiva. His kind face has a slight, warm smile. Shiva is seated on a lion skin with one hand raised in the abhaya mudra. He is seated in the padmasana position with both feet upturned. Shiva also wears snakes as armlets and bracelets. The serpent race, despised and feared by all other creatures, found a place of honor on Shiva's sacred person, simply because he was moved by their plight. He wears wristbands of Rudraksh Beads.
Elephant Head-Hindu God Ganesha
Ganesha, the elder of the two sons of Shiva and Parvati, the elephant-headed god is recognized as the supreme leader. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshippers first acknowledge when they visit a temple. Ganesh holds an axe, a blooming lotus flower and a handful of sweets. His right hand is held up in the abhaya mudra. Ganesh's characteristic pot belly is bound with a cobra. A rat, his vahana or vehicle is at his feet nibbling on a laddu. People worship Ganesha for good health, success and happiness.
Krishna Eternal Love
Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is famous for playing the flute. His flute playing would beguile the cow herder's daughters whom were all in love with Krishna. Krishna picked up the peacock feathers and placed them in His crown. The fine details are especially beautiful in his leggings and the fine jeweled necklace that hangs off his body around his neck. Krishna symbol of peace and tranquility, this statue is bound to bring in good luck to the house or workplace, in which it is placed.
Hindu God Hanuman-The God of Devotion
Hanuman known also as Anjaneya, is one of the most important personalities in the epic, the Ramayana. Hanuman met Sri Ram and Lakshman when they were looking for sita, who abucted by Ravan.In the Ramayana saga Lakshmana the brother of Rama was shot by a poison tipped arrow.The only cure for the poison was an herb found in the mountains of Himalayas in the north called Sanjivani. The Hindu god Hanuman flew to the North of India. When he arrived in the mountains of Gandhamadana he did not know the herb by sight. Hanuman used his incredible strength to lift the entire mountain above his head and carry the mountain back to Lanka in time to save his friend Lakshmana.Other hand he carried gada(mace).
Mother Goddess
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Goddess Saraswati-The Goddess of Learning and Knowledge
Saraswati wife of Brahma is the goddess of speech learning and knowledge. Fair Sarawati is dressed in white, symbolic of purity and light. She does not wear much jewelry or gold because she prefer simplicity and austerity. Saraswati is playing the veena. In her other two arms she holds a copy of the vedas as well as prayer malas.  She is seated on a lotus base.
Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. The beautiful 
Lakshmi sits holding two lotus flowers, a symbol of beauty, prosperity and fertility, with her other two hands in the abhaya mudra showing her devotees that have nothing to fear from the goddess of wealth. She is beautiful! Her lips has a slight sublime smile.Her lavish head dress, jewelry and leggings are all finely carved fitting for the goddess of wealth. She is seated on a double lotus base.
Durga is considered to be one aspect of the Goddess Parvati, who is herself a consort of the God Shiva. But while Parvati is serene and pious to an extreme, Durga is the fierce warrior form. She is infinitely patient and she is without fear.She has 8 arms which hold a variety of weapons. She holds a trident, shield, noose, knife, conch shell, discus, arrow, club and knife. The conch and discus are Vishnu symbols that Durga holds when she is in the Vishnu Durga form. Durga, the trident and the lion are all cast separately and can be removed from each other. Durga is in a passive state and looks to be enjoying riding the Lion. Durga Devi represents power, strength, morality and protection. Maa Durga is the destroyer of sin and protector of morality.
Maa Kali-The Goddess Of Shakti (power)
Maa Kali is depicted standing on the corpse of Lord Shiva (Kali's Husband), who has thrown himself at the feet of Kali in order to placate her thirst for blood. Kali's tongue shoots out from her mouth to lap up the blood of falling enemies, and this entire Kali statue rests upon a double lotus blossom base. Goddess Kali is depicted here as having ten arms, with eight of them holding weapons, while one holds the severed head of one of Kali's enemies, and the tenth holds a conch shell.

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