Vishnu is the Protector of the UniverseVishnu is one of the principal Hindu Gods, worshiped as the protector and preserver of the world. Vishnu is known chiefly through his avatars (incarnations), particularly Rama, Krishna and  comes to earth in a variety of animal and human forms called avatars
Vishnu is worshipped as the protector and preserver of the world and restorer of dharma (moral order). In his hands he holds a discus, conch and a club. The conch represents "Om", the first sound of creation and also the beginning of matter. The discus is thought to represent the sun. Vishnu's weapon, the mace, represents the elemental force from which all physical and mental powers derive. Vishnu is always depicted reclining or seated on the coils of shesh serpent. Traditionally, it was believed that earthquakes were caused whenever the snake moved. Shesha floats on the cosmic ocean and Lord Vishnu reclines on the coil of his tail. This Naga survives even when the entire universe is destroyed. Hence, it is also called Ananta (eternal). Shesha accompanies Lord Vishnu in every incarnation.
 Incarnations Of Vishnu
Narasimha : Varaha is the third avatar of Lord Vishnu. The demon (Asura), Hiranyaksha, after great penance managed to please Lord Brahma who gave him the boon of invincibility against all beings. After becoming all-powerful, Hiranyaksha captured the earth, Bhoomi Devi and dragged her to the bottom of the ocean where he kept her trapped. Lord Vishnu knew that Hiranyaksha missed out on naming the boar while Brahma granted him the boon of invincibility.
Vishnu therefore took the form of a great boar, dived into the ocean and killed the demon. He then took the earth between his great tusks and surfaced out of the ocean thus rescuing earth. Varaha, the boar, symbolizes the emergence of mammals on the planet.


Gautam Buddha
 : Gautam Buddha came to be known as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Buddha stopped the concept of offering sacrifices in a sacrificial fire (yagna) and spread the message of truth, love, peace and non-violence. His teachings gave birth to Buddhism, a major religion that is no longer that popular in India as it is large parts of the far East
A popular Buddha statue in a sitting position on a lotus flower is the Buddha in a meditating form called Dhyana mudra. The Dhyana mudra is the mudra of meditation, of concentration on the Good law, and of the attainment of spiritual perfection.
A spiritual favorite of interior decorators and vaastu designers for offices and homes. Vishnu sculpture makes a wonderful home decor accessory can be used to accentuate the ambience of an office space and can even make a great corporate gift. This statue is gives immense strength and hope to the possessor. It is a must have in any place.

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