Mother Earth works with the Sun, Moon, water, air, and the seasons to give birth, moderate life, develop new species, ground energies and encourages us to ground to her physical domain.

Most of the positive energy in our body is accepted from Mother Earth which helps to heal our body and soul and stay connected to life. Gradually this energy gets deficient and we lack the feeling of well-being. We feel stressed and anxiety when the positive energy in our body is disturbed. So we need earth grounding energy maintain the balance. This earthing energy can be increased by adopting certain practices in our day-to-day life.

Yoga practice on barefoot on the ground helps the positive energy enter our body and releasing all negative ions. Using meditation beads like rudraksha and tulsi interspersed with semi precious stones like clear quartz and smoky quartz also helps constantly discharging the negativity from our aura.

Using earth grounding furnitures made from old Indian woods studded with brass stars and iron straps that attracts the electromagnetic charge and grounds it through the wood into earth. Adding Ganesha sculptures, who is the  Lord of Root Chakra, is the primal source of creation are unique decor ideas for your consciousness. Be Conscious in living, in doing and in thought. Be grounded to Mother Earth’s source and she will take you to newer and brighter horizons, increasing the vibration within your manifold.

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