The essence of India lies in the diversity of its culture. The passion and vibrancy of India is beautifully seen in its textiles. Hand embroidered tapestries in vibrant exotic colors are profoundly ecstatic In their statement. Gorgeous designs and traditional weaves, the tapestries add a bohemian flair to your decor. Zardozi and kutch ethnic fashion blends with vintage decor bringing in boho charm. Create visually dynamic interiors with tapestries and wall throws from mogulinterior.
Collages of joyful colors and textures, patchwork tapestries made from banjara fabrics, vintage sari embroidered pillows and bags are beautiful and intriguing gifts. Old Haveli woods with ornate iron and brass nails, beautifully aged patinas, hand embroidered textiles that have ageless traditional artistry blend into interiors that are exceptionally beautiful and full with "pranic" energy. Bold statements of art and tradition Bohemian decor is easily created with Traditional Indian pieces such as these below.
From Bohemian colors, exotic designs and a characteristic opulence that is what defines Indian home decor. Painting your walls in vibrant bright shades of pink, red, green, purple, ivory, blue or even purple adds life to your living space .
Adding color in the form of furnishings and accessories enhance the beauty of your interiors.

Concentrate on your windows. Use a lot of fabric, in the form of curtains, throws and tapestries. Embellish your windows with flowy, lavish sari drapes. For drapes with genuine Indian prints, look at our collection
Sari curtains in red, green, blue, orange, rust, bronze or copper colors will create magic for your windows. And also carefully chosen bedspreads and coordinated with cushion covers add an element of exotic to your bedroom.
Another feature to keep in mind is the furniture. Choose ornate wooden furniture which are personalized with throws and cushion covers which are made up of Vintage saris to give the living area look like the palaces of Jaipur.
Since Indian decor is often rich in color, pattern and texture, just a few deliberately placed pieces can fill a room with exotic flair. An Indian bedspread, hand-stitched with beading and gold thread, mirrors and vintage saris completely transforms an urban bedroom into a vibrant, energetic space.
What's your color choice? Try these easy decor tips to incorporate a energetic splash into your home decor.

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