Mantras are powerful mystic words used in Hindu and Buddhist ritual and are excellent tools for meditation. Every being has an energy and vibration and so does the un-manifested universe. To bring us closer and connect to the universe mantras are used and are believed to be the sound form of the un-manifested reality, having the power to connect to the reality it represents.

Mantra japa was a practice of Vedic sages, which would ultimately lead to moksha or liberation. Mantra Japa which means repetition of mantra, is an important part of yoga or mediatation. Mantras are repeated in cycles of auspicious numbers (in multiples of three), the most popular being 108. Hindu malas have 108 beads and a guru bead . The devotee performing japa using his/her fingers counts each bead as he/she repeats the chosen mantra. Having reached 108 repetitions, the devotee may turn the mala around without crossing the guru bead and repeat.

Attaining extreme focus, on the chosen deity of the mantra ,basically connecting to the energy of the spiritual being.The vibrations and the reverberations of the sound awaken the Kundalini or spiritual life force and stimulate Chakras which are the centers of energy.

The Navagrahas are powerful spiritual influences.

Sun~ Surya is the first and foremost of the nine planets, carrying a lotus in both hands, and his stone is the ruby, his day is Sunday.
Chandra- the Moon. His clothes, chariot and the seven horses that pull him are spotlessly white, his stone is the pearl, His day is Monday.
Mangal- the planet Mars. He wears red clothes and golden crown along with a red necklace, his stone is the red coral, his day is Tuesday.
The fourth- of the nine planets is Budh, mercury. The color green represents Budh and his stone is the emerald, His day is Wednesday.
The fifth- planet is Brihaspati, the planet Jupiter, adorned with yellow clothing and jewels, blesses with prosperity and wisdom,his stone is yellow topaz and his day is Thursday.
Shukra- the planet Venus is dazzling white and his day is Friday and he blesses with divine luck. His stone is diamonds or clear crystal.
Shani- is Saturn with the color of brilliant sapphire , Shani (Sanskrit: sani is the Lord of discipline and contro and his day is Saturday.
Rahu- Commands Direction and the North Node of the Moon. As the Moon pertains to the mind, Rahu commands the direction of the mind’s outward projection. Stone is the sulemani or hessonite.
Ketu- Presents Obstacles” and is the South Node of the Moon, is the introspective function of the mind that analyzes the inflowing stimulus. His stone is the cats eye..

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