vintage distressed woods that carry grounding energies, Indian antiques are just the unique accent furniture you need to create opulent and extravagant interiors.
Hand crafted and exotic the furniture are a blend of the opulent Haveli designs and the simpler British Colonial design.
Antique Indian doors carved with beautiful floral and fish designs and patinas of the vintage doors add character to your home.
Patchwork Toss Pillows, kutch embroidered wall hanging, wall panels of Krishna and Ganesha, old world carvings of chakras, with brass cladded woods aged so beautifully, cleanses the aura.
Mandala printed handloom throws make the perfect backdrop to your laid back style living room where statues of Shiva and Saraswati play the music of divine love.
Explore and find treasures, intricate hand carved garden statues that design with love resonating with your spirit.


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