The color red is a vibrant and full of life color and given its bohemian styling trend its very passionate. It is considered an extremely warm and positive color, symbol of strength and powerful energy. It is associated with vitality and life and is the color of desire, longing, sensuality, sentiment, and passionate love. Red is what the traditional brides deck up in and its a magical color. It brings good-luck, joy, and happiness. In India, Brides are beautifully adorned in all red, temple deities and decor is always in red and weddings are decorated in beautiful hues of reds............JOY, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY.
Red is also the color of Ganesha , the elephant headed diety, son of Shiva and Parvati, lord of the root chakra and signifies the grounding the element, from where everything begins, the syllable OM is the primordial sound associated with creation and also the Root Chakra. 
Festive Dark Reds seen in Santa Claus and Christmas festivities, red roses for love on Valentines Day, the color red brings so much warmth and love. Old Jaipur doors with earthy russet patinas and brocade sari curtains in coral reds, maroon sari tapestries, patchwork sari pillows in auburn reds and pink hues the beauty of this color brings in creativity.
Used in Feng shui or Vastu , red is used in the south part of the home to bring in passion and creation, ambition and a zest for life.




Embroidered tunics, hand made in cotton fabrics, these loose and easy flowing blouses are so easy to wear and super comfortable. The shift styled tunics with side slits give a bohemian flair to your wardrobe

The embroidered silk tunics are soft and stylish, easy day dresses for a beach day and can be styled with jeans or leggings as well when the weather cools. 

Kaftan tunics are the shorter version of the maxi kaftan and are beautifully embellished with rhinestones and traditional embroideries like chikankari, crewel Kashmiri embroidery or Aari embroidery. Each garment is unique and different with its vibrant colors and textures.

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