While decorating our house we concentrate on making the interior so pleasing that the entire area fills with positive vibes. It should be refreshing & soothing. The texture of interior should be so attractive and promote the wellness of those who reside. If a bedroom has an interior against the flow of energy it may spoil the health of the inmates. Hence design according to the energy of the room should be taken care while deciding upon the layout of interiors.

Vastu or the Yoga Of Interiors, identifies five elements of creation that, when honored, strengthen the "flow of prana" , the universal life-force energy, within a building. Admiring nature is a sacred acceptance. The five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and space are energetically linked with particular directions. Earth is associated with the southwest; air - northwest; fire - southeast; and water the northeast. Space - akasha, is the expansiveness in the center of both the architectural form and each room.

Orange Curtains, old bridal sari tapestries in red hues and silk sari pillow shams enhance the fire energy of the south east, vintage wood furniture for the southwest increase the earth effect. If you choose the color of rooms and accents according to Vaastu principles, the energy of your house will be smooth and free flowing.

Ornately carved symbols on Indian Antique doors make grand entrances and are associated with beauty, prosperity, spiritual awakening. Antique carvings of lotus signify the purity of mind, body and soul as well as reverence to the Sun.

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