Vintage Eclectic Indian interior furniture design is all about giving a sense of history through old, reclaimed and collector pieces. The choice of and arches is amazing and there is an assortment for each style depending upon the region they come from.
Eccentric and loaded with history the palace doors tell stories of the dynasties that ruled the lands, the battles fought and the epic romantic tales of Kings and with vintage textures and hues that have a artisan touch, and each has a vivid story to tell.
Add colorful textiles to stay with Indian vibe in the hand carved antique arched windows, carefully restored, to your Vintage Indian decor.
Indian Vintage Style Interior are based on Vaastu - the yoga of interiors which is an ancient science based on energy lines and aligning them with the earth's magnetic line.
There needs to be a balance with the universe and using old vintage entrances that are store houses of energy is one of the ways of including them into
The old jharokhas and stone arches with floral designs which blends up with vintage chic mixes with old Mughal architecture.
The Haveli palace doors are magnificent entrances of history bringing in beautiful architectural design statements that are unique. Use as a headboard or entrance to a study, the possibilities are endless.

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