Eclectic Interior Design is a blend of vagabond freestyle decor, a mix of various traditions, cultures and creative energies. Eclectic homes with vintage architectural old world elements acting as the structure of the casas conveys to me the Haveli Style from the days of the Maharajas.
Create an aura that is charming, unique and creative, merging individual style with global cultures and traditions.
Vintage Eclectic interiors motivates a rich heritage look joining rustic carved furniture designs from different eras and an one of a kind architectural artifacts. Ethnic natural worn hues, high quality vintage materials, and gathered items make a space that blossoms with the lands traveled and the diverse cultures of the world.
The Spanish styled doors and vintage carved arches with floral and sun motifs represents the beginning of time immortal. The Antique eclectic wooden doors carved with particular enthusiasm and having a beautiful energy takes you to the golden days of bygone eras.
These eclectic vintage interiors have no definition or boundaries. A differed blend of textures on cushions, and window curtains, banjara embroidered tapestries are works of art, tribal and flower designs, the details and colors of Indian textures are so extremely refreshing.

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