Yoga is an old Indian therapy which aims at transforming the Body and Mind to peace by practicing mentally, and spiritually, achieving a plateau of transformation.
The term yoga has come from literal meaning which is to unite.Yoga has its origins in Pre- Vedic Indian tradition. The real goal of yoga is Liberation by which we can achieve our inner peace and it can also find harmony and heal itself.
Yoga helps us become aware of our body’s posture, it makes the body extra flexible and we can relax even when we are stressed.
Yoga is the means of attaining self-realisation by the acts of suspending the manifestations of the mind. There are four aspects of Yoga- (i) Mantrayoga (ii) Hathayoga (iii) Layayoga and (iv) Rajayoga. Out of them, the Mantrayoga is the one which can be instrumental by the support of 'word' (Sabda) consisting the mantra with its meaning and the idol.
Words have power because they are auditory symbols of what they represent. If ordinary words have so much power, those words, which have come down the ages, sanctified their divine associations became veritably receptacles of divine. When Sankaracarya was asked "What is the path which involves little effort but gives great reward, the way which brings the fruits of all disciplines? he replied, "That path is the yoga of chanting".
Mantra is word (or words) which provides a perfect safeguard having destroyed all the fears by (a powerful mental) chanting. Mantra is formed of two words MAN and TRA. Mantras are, infact, meant to bring desired result by their chanting. Since the Word "man" is for concentration of the mind and "tra" is trana i.e. protection.
Patanjali is guru of Yoga and hid teachings are revered by all yogis and yoginis. We brings to you spiritual sculptures of as well as clothing that is relaxed and loose much as the free spirit needs during is journey.

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