Color Your Emotions

Mogulinterior brings interior decor ideas for successfully your designing your new home decor, bedrooms with our exclusive super collection designer printed bedspreads, indian sari curtains, vintage cushion cover, wall tapestries which are elaborate with blends of warm and bold colors, patchwork, floral prints, faux pearls, ethnic prints, thread work, and embroidery, adding a bohemian style and a warm touch to your bedrooms.

Most people are very loving when it comes to decorating their homes with their own visions and formula. Mogulinterior has a very huge collection for interiors with exotic bedspreads, decorating cushion covers, sari curtains, antique wooden furniture from India which add a touch of exotica and uniqueness. Natural Colors have been demonstrated to have reliable physical and expressive effects, which is most important when you are going for select colors for your home decor.

Colors have been scientifically proven to have consistent physical and emotional effects, which is worth considering when selecting colors for your home interiors.

Photo Courtesy of STEPHANIE BEDRAN

Blue is considered to be the favorite of 35% of the world’s population. It brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. A navy blue suit is the undisputed colour authority of the western world.

Green stimulates the feeling of balance and harmony with nature and ecology. Green interiors reduce stress and make people feel secure. It can make most foods more appetizing.

Yellow is the colour which our eyes see most readily in any situation. Yellow is a good colour for counseling offices and conference offices because it encourages people to communicate.

Orange and Reds stimulate the appetite, which is why these are often used in restaurants. They work well in a kitchen or dining room, unless you’re watching your weight.

Brown connects us to the earth and makes us feel safe. Brown continues to remain a popular hue and with our current world affairs, is there any wonder?

Violet and purple are the colours of spirituality. Creative people can incorporate purple into their life. It promotes peaceful mental reflection and is indicative of high self-esteem.

Pink makes us crave sugar. Sweets taste better when they come out pink boxes or served on pink plates. If you have a sweet tooth, you may not want to decorate your kitchen pink.

The secret to creating harmony at home is successfully combining colours and this depends on getting the proportions of colour right. When it comes to pairing colours in a palette for your home, keep in mind colours that work in harmony.

Take your cues from nature. Think about places in nature where you find solace. What is your favorite place in nature? The beach, the woods, the desert? Sunny days, or sunsets?

Each colour is associated with a different emotion. By understanding how you want to feel when you are in a particular space, you can choose colours that will naturally help you to create that mood.

So you can begin by asking, “How do I want to feel?”

NATURALLY in balance

Green is nature’s most physically healing colour. It falls in the middle of the spectrum and is therefore also a colour that provides balancing and harmony.
Although it is a colour, green is also a great neutral that comes in many warm and cool hues. Forest greens and browns feel nurturing and comforting.

As in nature, you can mix many different greens, without them clashing and almost every other colour looks good with it. Reds, yellows, oranges, blues, violets…

Communicating WARMTH

Warm colours, the yellows, oranges and reds, are “physical colours”, creating a centrifugal action, bringing us our of ourselves. Thus these are great to use in kitchens, restaurants and factories.

COMFORT in cool colours

Watery shades of blues, the hues that tend toward green are great because they are “refreshing”, reducing stress without depleting energy which is important for renewing your mind as well as your body. True comfort comes from “feeling”, not “seeing”.

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