Curtains or Drapes-Brief Guide to Choose the Right Ones

Only the curtains that can add to the ambiance of the room. It can breathe an air of beauty, restfulness or excitement to the room. However, if you make the wrong choice, it can spoil the entire feel of the room.

Window curtains have to be room specific. So, the curtains you use in the sitting room will be different from those in the children’s bedroom, which will certainly be different from those that you’ll be using in the kitchen. Window curtains have to reflect the atmosphere of the room. For example, dining rooms can carry off a dramatic look, while the children’s bedroom can make use of a vibrant and colorful look.

Curtains Red Golden Brocade Indian Sari Curtains Set
1 Brown Scroll Curtain Window Panel Tab Tops
Sari Curtains Brown Polyster Window Drapes Panel
Sari Curtain Orange Tab Top Window Treatment
Indian Curtain Window Panel Spanish Tulips Brown Tab Top
Gemstone Sheer Sari Curtain Drape Panels Window Treatments

The color for the curtains must blend nicely with the color of the adjacent walls. Do not use a very dark color right next to a light colored wall as this may create a severe effect. Try to reduce the impact of a dark window curtain by using a lighter trim or alternating it with a sheer, light colored curtain. Small windows can do without large, overwhelming prints. Instead go for self prints or small prints.

A Set of Delicious Brown Embroidered Window Curtains
Two Adventurous Red Embroidered Sari Drapes Window Treatments
A Pair of Cosmic Cobalt Mirror Sari Sheer Organza Curtains Window Panels
Two Pristine and Grey Striped Window Drapes Panels

In any room, the material on the windows must be in line with the material on the upholstery or furniture. Sheer materials are in vogue these days and they are a fine choice because they impart an airy look to the room. However, sheer curtains allow a lot of sunlight and afford little privacy. So you need to combine them with drapes. While selecting window curtains that are always exposed to sunlight, choose a material and color that does not fade over time. South facing rooms are particularly prone to this problem.

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