Farmhouse Interior Design

Distressed wood cabinets and rustic sideboard consoles are often found in modern farmhouse style homes. Farmhouse interior design focuses on comfort as well as artistic style. This decor not only impresses but also achieves its desired effect.

Sometimes all you need is just incorporating some handcrafted furniture, the right wall panels and interesting vintage accessories.

Giving your home a real makeover – from the foyer to the bedroom – is an experience of your personal style.

A fireplace is one object a countryside home can’t go without. Aim for something natural by going with antique doors and arches. If you want to bring some fire into your room you can also try some vintage architectural accessories like columns near the firebox.

Ranging from wooden old doorways to antique armoires,  rustic distressed wood is the most identifiable material. The popularity of hand made vintage wooden artifacts is constantly blooming which makes it an element that makes all the change to the whole setting.

By incorporating wooden carved colorful wall sculpture panels and even wooden beams you can give your home the rustic appearance you desire.

Planning the ideal room divider for your room is neither hard nor expensive, especially if you’ve already chosen the colors that you want to use. Many earthy colors go well when decorating a country setting.

It’s smart to use warm earthy tones like dusty blue, butter yellow, barn red or creamy white. If the furniture is finished correctly and with a natural distressed color tones your home will shine with appeal.

The decorative accessories can be more appealing – just a couple of old vintage wooden trunks, farmhouse tables and old door benches will surely leave your guests charmed.

Adorn the walls with tribal barn door panels containing tribal farm themes and natural landscapes. All of this combined with a couple of vintage accessories and charming brass and stone sculptures is a perfect attention-grabbing combination.