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Mogul Interior imports Indian Antiques and cabinets that add an exquisite flair to any part of your home. Its not a coincidence that celebrities like David Copperfield and Aziz Ansari have come to us to furnish their personal homes and their TV Series Sets...our collection's eclectic charm is without comparison! Antique pieces such as brass cladded hand carved armoires and old world carved rustic wood door ways and artisan carved sculptures and statues will offer your home a sense of artistic beauty and warmth . Come in today! Add the most beautiful vintage coffee tables,chai tables to you gorgeous interiors to make you feel like you are living in a collectors paradise. The rich patina of rustic antique sideboards that are handcrafted in beautiful chakra designs are totally unique and one of a kind. Their vibrant warm hues and earthy color gives an indi boho vibe to your home interior.

The rustic old door buffet have plenty of extra storage space, the traditional antique pieces of furniture allows you to keep eclectic pieces like the damchia or the kitchen chest which is so wonderfully unique with carvings of elephants and horses. Made from old reclaimed hardwoods they will last long and resist moisture. Match your interiors with our rustic, traditional exotic hand-carved antique sideboards, Doors, Cabinets, Jharokha ,Traditional wooden Indian Sideboard Chest one of a kind, beautiful and stylish design for the bohemian maximalist designer.


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