Indian Antique Furniture

Antique vintage furniture such as "damchiyas" and "manjoosh" are traditional Indian chests used to store textiles or grains, an unusual and eclectic mix of the traditional and simpler styles of furniture. Coffee tables made from reclaimed doors and dressers in distressed woods with vastu carvings usher in positive vibrations into your home.

An eclectic mix of antiques, vintage items and even some newer items recreated from vintage woods make a house your "home" and vibrate with the energies of the ancient days.

Rustic wood patina, interior and exterior antique doors and hand carved Panels are hard wood construction and have been salvaged from antique homes or havelis. Beautiful zen carvings of chakras and animal folklore make the doors pieces of art and carry a lot of historic value. Many include original hardware, including iron latches and brass door knobs and ornate handles.


Antique Doors with Frame
Metal Mounted Double Doors
Antique Teak Arch Doors


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<Antique Room Divider>
Hand Painted antique Doors
Architectural Arch
<Vintage Indian Door>
<Indian Vintage Door>
Jharokha Carved Door
Indian Door Panel
Antique Jharokha Window


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