Hindu Stone Sculpture

Handcarved stone sculptures from Orissa are made from naturally occurring stone which come to different patinas like pink, beige, grey ,black and green. Reverse carving defines the features of the sculptures and gives them character and life. Murtis of Gods in different poses energize your chakras with strong positive vibrations.

Hand crafted and carved with perfection our range of stone sculptures depicting Hindu Gods are beautiful and created with love and passion for the Indian Culture. Carved from naturally occurring stones the patina and texture of the sculptures are very earth like and exotic as well. The flow of energy from these sculptures is very positive and the vibrations are almost real as they are carved by artists who have a great passion for the arts.

Hindu God Statues are placed in altars or a spiritual area where you seek peace and meditate to energize your chakras. Just as mantras resonate with different chakras our statues also energize these at different levels. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and Hanuman is the healer, Shiva evokes creation through destruction or rebirth and Vishnu is the peace loving and supreme authority on the truth of life or Bhagwad Gita.

Ganesha Stone statue
Musical Ganesha Playing Cimbal Stone Statue
Ganesha Statue
Radha Krishna Stone statue
Vishnu Lakshmi Stone Statue
Krishna Stone Sculpture
Ardhnariswar Statue
Hanuman Sculpture
Yoga Guru Patanjali Statue
Hindu Goddess Statue
Goddess Kali Stone Sculpture
Goddess Maa Kali  Statue