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Lord Shiva Nataraja Statue

Lord Shiva Nataraja Statue

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  • Color : Dark Patina
  • Size : 17"x15"x15"
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  • This beautiful Nataraja statue has a unique arch of round shape flame design. The oval shape of the arch is not a typical rendering of the prabhamandala or arch flame for Nataraja. It is wider on the top than it is on the bottom.
  • The Balinese dance style Nataraja sculpture is a unique departure from the standard Indian take on this iconic form of Shiva.
  • Shiva dances upon a dwarf who symbolizes ignorance, as he stamps out evil forces from the world Nataraja is the iconic pose of Hinduism.
  • Shiva is at once the presiding deity of destruction and regeneration, the couple jointly symbolise at once both the power of renunciation and asceticism and the blessings of marital felicity.
  • Lord Shiva holds a bell and fire in his hands. There are 2 cobras that look to be strands of his hair on both sides of his face. There is also one cobra wrapped around his ankle. His dread-locked hair is wildly flailing around his head with the extreme force of his dance of destruction.
  • The gestures of the dance represent Shiva's five activities, creation (symbolized by the drum), protection (by the "fear not" hand gesture), destruction (by the fire), embodiment (by the foot planted on the ground), and release (by the foot held aloft).
  • Size: 17" x 15" x15" Inches
  • Clean it with soft cloth/soft brush.

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