Buddhist Prayer Rudraksha White Moon STONE , Healing Meditation
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Buddhist Prayer Rudraksha White Moon STONE , Healing Meditation



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Material: Quartz,Gemstone,Reclaimed Wood & nut

Rudraksha Beads controls Blood Pressure and remove Stress, Anxiety, Depression.
Rudraksha seeds are powered with electro-magnetic energy that reverbate with the highest vibrations of Mahadeva Siva himself .

Moonstone is a highly valued gemstone as it Brings good fortune, Enhances intuition, Promotes inspiration, Brings success in love as well as business matters.

The Meru Chakra or Sri Chakra is a three-dimensional Shri Yantra, the embodiment of Sri Lakshmi (abundance) and Tripura Sundari (beauty). It is the yantra of Sri Vidya, sacred knowledge of the Goddess. It can also be seen as the unification of Masculine Divine and Feminine Divine: Shiva and Shakti, Lakshmi and Narayana, Purusha and Prakriti.

The Shri Yantra consists of triangles arranged in five levels around the center. The Meru Chakra has these same levels arranged in different heights, with the centermost level the highest. The Meru is the three dimensions of the Sri Chakra.



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