GANESHA LAXMI ALTAR - Energized Shri Sampoorna Sarva Kashta
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GANESHA LAXMI ALTAR - Energized Shri Sampoorna Sarva Kashta


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Material: Gemstone,Reclaimed Wood & nut

Sampoorna means complete. Sarva means all. Kastha means difficulties and pain. Nivaran means removal. Sampoorna Kasht Nivaran Yantra is to remove all obstacles and bestow you with success and prosperity. It can prove helpful in removing all pains and problems from ones life. This yantra can also prove helpful by helping a person getting rid of debts and pressures.

Energized Shri Sampoorna Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra - The Most Powerful Yantra Combination.

Using a mala made from Crystal aids concentration, cools the body, and calms the mind. Wearing a crystal mals ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep.

Clear quartz is the most vital element of any crystal collection. It contains within it the full spectrum of colors, and can thus be used for a variety of purposes: psychic and emotional healing, programming for any of your goals, to balance the chakras, or as a general meditational aid. Clear quartz is called the mirror of the soul because it reflects and radiates that in us which is divine.

Size of Yantra Plate : 6" x 6" gold plated prayer mala size 15 inch



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