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Resting Ganesha With 2 Mice Headboard Bohemian Wall Panel

Resting Ganesha With 2 Mice Headboard Bohemian Wall Panel

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  • Size : L72xH18xD1.5 inches
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  • Vintage Hand Carved Ganapati realaxing posture giving blessing with his hands . A perfect Wall Hanging Headboard.
  • The mouse is interpreted in several ways. According to Grimes, "Many, if not most of those who interpret Gaṇapati's mouse, do so negatively; it symbolizes tamoguṇa as well as desire" Along these lines, Michael Wilcockson says it symbolizes those who wish to overcome desires and be less selfish.
  • Everything in the universe is created by one infinite, divine consciousness known as Brahman. It’s why Hindus see divinity in all living creatures, including animals. As a result, deities are associated with a particular animal or bird that acts as a vehicle—or vahana—to transport the gods and goddesses wherever they need to go.
  • Ganesha’s vahana is a mouse, which he rides. The mouse is an extension of Ganesha’s powers. It can gnaw through all barriers and it can slide into crevices too tiny for Ganesha to enter. Together the elephant deity and his vahana ensure that obstacles of all sizes can be removed.
  • Beautiful hand carved Ganesha headboard can either be hung on the wall
  • The hand carved Ganesha panel would be perfect addition to any room, meditation studio or interior decor.
  • Exterior Dimensions : Length:72xHeight:18xDepth:1.5 inches

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