Carved Barn Doors, Florida

Each carved barn door Panel is spellbinding in its folklore of history and tradition from Ancient India. The hand carved doors with figures of hindu gods and goddesses, snake lords: nagas and naginis, apsaras or temple dancers and mythical animals, floral art and the beauty of kamasutra illustrated in couples in erotic moods present a veritable collage of sculptures in enthralling rhythm and grace that create focal points of energy in your interiors, a magnet for the pure love of the universe.

Hand carved door panels, Barn doors, Interior doors, closet doors,and headboards that have been handcrafted by experienced artisans with extravagant details. Rustic textured panels with intricate tribal motifs deliver unique eclectic style statement to your interiors and associate your decor with traditional and modern designs.



10018 Spanish Isles Blvd, SUITE 50A BOCA RATON, FLORIDA 33498