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Decorating with antiques is a natural response to our fundamental desire to feel connected to the past and believe in a story, and to instill a spirit of history in the surroundings. Saturday strolls usually wind up in the antique shop, when a hidden gem inspires love at first sight. Some people are fortunate enough to get antiques as gifts from previous generations, while others consider themselves collectors and hunt markets for the ideal object. A well-made dresser or accent table will last much longer than the quick-changing styles of today and tomorrow because humans have a happy place for things that have survived longer than themselves. When incorporating vintage and antique furnishings into a design, interior designers frequently have to choose pieces from aesthetic trends that are decades or centuries apart, or, if the furnishings are from the same era, they must make sure the room's design doesn't look dated or derivative.

Mix multiple times like an Indian door leading to your sanctuary room. Don't reproduce a historical room. By combining modern and historical elements, using a damchiya as a vanity chest you may design a space that speaks to the modern world. Giving an antique new life or exhibiting it in a fresh, intriguing way is wonderful. The barndoors look fantastic in Vintage settings, especially when combined with modern art. Finally, enjoy yourself a little with the design!
I locate the most unique pieces in the most unexpected regions around the world. Finding the ideal antique for me is more art than science. As long as the ideas of scale and proportion are maintained to, I believe it is fantastic to mix and match historical periods, shapes, forms, and colours. Work with "MOGULINTERIOR" and our unique collection to ensure the item you are purchasing is a genuine antique. Discover antiquities and their history from our curated designs and artwork.. We enjoy the history and story each piece carries.

Sometimes we are looking for magnificent historical pieces that are perfectly and wonderfully kept, and other times, less-antique antiques like the mnjoosh or Indian trunk on wheels, pieces that are quirky and unique and are the perfect fit. It is incorrect to include items that are not appealing in some way and to believe that captivating items must be expensive. Following your instinct and keeping an open mind about how a piece might be used in a place are the only rules to choosing the ideal antique for your area. You will always find a place for it if you truly love it.


Rustic Furniture

Vintage interiors are characterized by reclaimed wood furniture and antique artifacts, bringing together aspects from various time periods. Rustic furniture, armoires, cabinets, and tables take on the distinct character of cultures with creative aspects included into the design. Vintage furniture and artistic elements breathe fresh life into your home, giving it an eclectic edge and defining its personality. Each piece, handmade from reclaimed antique doors, from media chests to rustic wardrobe armoires and coffee tables built from old Indian windows, tells a story through its carvings and patinas. These lovely vintage accent items exude history, culture, and personality.

Yoga Altars are places of solace and re-energize your spiritual energy. Energize your aura to manifest your dreams, the altars decorated with statues and carvings of Krishna, Ganesha and Buddha are naturally charged with spiritual energies. The beautiful, serene altars bring positive energy into your life. Create and manifest an intention with yoga altars, yantras, sacred geometry and altar idols.

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Guiding your soul with mala beads, balancing your chakras in spiritual meditation Mala beads blessed with a sacred intention merge with your energy and the universe and take you to a higher level of consciousness. Sacred crystals like the lapiz lazuli, amethyst, obsidian, rose quartz, carnelian, green jade, strung with Rudraksha and Tulsi, the prayer malas are in important part of spiritual practice and meditation.

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Handmade accent tables, Vintage coffee tables and rustic wood Chai Tables are gorgeous, detailed accent pieces that make a beautiful statement. Jharokha coffee tables in subtle hues incorporate your creative element, the repurposed woods and worn patinas of the console tables work with farmhouse or modern interiors.

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Womans Bohemian Clothing

Embroidered tunics, loose flowy kaftans, patchwork skirts, and hippy jeans are all fashion statements for free spirited people, whether at home or on the road. Maxi dresses, sari wrap skirts, and other colourful handcrafted apparel in casual, easy styles with ornate accents create a bohemian rhapsody of exquisite attire. Patchwork skirts, ruched high waisted skirts, and loose wide leg harem trousers make excellent travel companions and gifts.

Our Story

Our roots began across the ocean but span to the home we have created here. We hope to be able to share the treasures of India with you. Each piece of art has a purpose, the authentic artistic elements capture your heart, and it becomes part of your home. Mogul Interior was established in 2010 but our story began long before then. In 1994, our small family arrived in the United States on a different path Read more about us

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" Exuberant hues and Passionate textures of Handmade Artisan Clothing & Decor"

Vintage Farmhouse Doorways and Arches, Wall Mirrors

The classic design variations of arched mirrors are an excellent example of how a mirror's frame can completely alter the appearance of space because they truly resemble an additional window. These mirrors' cusped forms, appear particularly striking when used as floor mirrors in an entryway. Rustic doorways, arches, and vintage wood...

Doors Are Stories !! Welcome to Indian Doors.....

Stories of Antique Indian Doors---------------------------------Without question, some of the most striking antique doors in the world come from India. We’re going to delve a tad into the fascinating significance of some of their artistry. Antique doors are constructed from densewoods, which has retained their shape and dimensions after centuries of...

Ethnic Indian Furniture, Mogul Interior

Furniture from India : Each piece of furniture in the Mogulinterior Indian furniture line is handcrafted in India and is one-of-a-kind. The changing surface and the color of the woods give the furniture a distinct style. Natural-stained, waxed reclaimed woods are grounding and earthing. The bold colors and lovely designs of Indian...


  • I received a beautiful sideboard from Era at Mogul Interior. It’s more beautiful than I could have imagined. It was custom made to my liking (dimensions, style, color). At first, she found doors for me in India and transformed them into a stunning, functional piece of art. She was very responsive and communicative throughout the entire process. I highly recommend!! The shipping took a very long time but it was at no fault of hers. It’s just the world we live in right now but it was worth the wait. Thank you Era!

    Nikita Goyal
  • I’m a proud client of Mogul Interior! For hand crafted furnitures, fixtures, tapestry, statues and decorations… please check their website! You will never regret buying from Era! She can also custom make anything for you! I personally asked her to add colors to the pieces that we bought from her for no extra charge! The husband Manoj and wife Era are a great team! We highly recommend!!!

  • The cabinet arrived and it's beautiful! Era and team were great to work with, very communicative, flexible, and provided great customer service. We highly recommend this business and their furniture :)

  • The item is beautiful. It arrived before the estimated date and was packed very securely. This was the third piece I’ve gotten from them. The prices are very fair considering the exquisite nature of the pieces.

  • I ordered an antique set of doors shipped to Canada. Always nervous buying something so large, delicate, and valuable from so far away site unseen. Era was amazing. She diligently tracked the shipment herself on a daily basis giving me updates. There ended up being a problem with the shipper and Era took it on and resolved it at considerable expense to herself. We were very, very impressed with her professionalism and customer service. A lesser company would of made us fight the shipper to get reimbursed for their error.

    Jeremy Rhodes
  • I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! These are the most beautiful doors I’ve ever seen. The quality and craftsmanship are amazing. They are now my favorite things in my house!

  • I am a Dentist in New Mexico. These people are honest and they don't rip off the customers. I got few pieces for my clinic and I love it, good quality for reasonable price, promised to deliver to me from Florida to New Mexico and Era kept her word. Era you are the best. I would give ten stars if I could to this place. Thanks

    Dr Jayakumar

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