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Vintage Barn Doors & Rustic Armoires

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Mogulinterior Carved Sideboards & Credenzas

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The vintage rustic cabinets add to the warmth and cohesiveness of your home interior.

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Rustic Carved Doors


Eclectic decor. where free spirit and the unexpected play a predominant role, bringing in the elements of different styles and vintage antiquities

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Antique Doors, Old World Architectural Design

Reclaimed, authentic doors and salvaged woods offer a powerful design potential when renovating historical homes. Haveli doors, constructed from teak and fashioned in traditional, intricate designs, display a quality and craftsman's workmanship unlike any other. These stately doors from the past offer a majestic touch to any contemporary interior. Give your exteriors a makeover with antique and vintage features. Dense woods,
aged materials, and classic home decor can resurrect an aged dwelling, enhancing its character and metamorphosing it from dull to exceptional.

 Architects and interior designers find value in repurposing vintage Indian doors and teak columns from old mansions for their architectural designs, creating a regal look to even an urban setting. Through a variety of styles from rustic farmhouse to contemporary, these antique elements lend character and ambience to any renovation.
Designers and architects appreciate the use of special and exclusive components when creating attractive spaces; incorporating antique architectural doors and
artifacts increases perceived design excellence. Custom carving on barn doors and vintage door wardrobe cabinets contribute to defining the character of a home.


Rustic Furniture

Bringing together ancestral cultures, reclaimed woods, handmade furniture, and antique accents give a distinct character to rustic furniture, carved armoires, door cabinets, and chai tables. These pieces infuse new energy into your home, providing a global flair and individual personality. Every unique article, from intricate handcarved media credenzas to rustic wardrobe armoires and coffee tables, narrates its story with its carvings and patinas. One of a kind furniture carries its past, culture, and character.

Having a dedicated space for meditation is essential for good mental health as it helps you focus and streamline your thoughts. Anchoring the mind, stilling the senses, a simple altar with your favorite deity, Ether, the spiritual element that binds all these energies together, just like our soul. The meditation altar decorated with crystals and deities of Shiva, Vishnu, Budha, Durga connects us to the divine element of the universe.

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Mindfulness is a type of meditation and bringing it into your home is bringing calmness and peace into your living spaces. Being aware of the present and on the moment or activity, Mala beads like the lapiz lazuli, amethyst, obsidian, rose quartz, carnelian, green jade, strung with Rudraksha and Tulsi, the prayer malas are in important part of spiritual practice and meditation.

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The study office is today an essential part of our homes. With technology surrounding us, we have to be aware of the electromagntic charge thta surrounds us. Natural old wood office desks, coffee tables made from antique doors, consoles with earthing iron and brass nails can be used as printing stations and serve to discharge the harmful ions, grounding them through the metal and wood into earth.

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Womans Bohemian Clothing

Embroidered tunics, oversized kaftans, patchwork skirts, and handmade recycled silk dresses are all fashion statements for free spirited people, whether at home or on a vacation. Maxi dresses, sari wrap skirts, and other colourful handmade apparel in casual, easy styles with embellished accents create a bohemian rhapsody of exquisite designs. Patchwork skirts, ruched high waisted skirts, and loose wide leg harem pants make excellent travel companions and mindful gifts.

Our Story

Our roots began across the ocean but span to the home we have created here. We hope to be able to share the treasures of India with you. Each piece of art has a purpose, the authentic artistic elements capture your heart, and it becomes part of your home. Mogul Interior was established in 2010 but our story began long before then. In 1994, our small family arrived in the United States on a different path Read more about us

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" Exuberant hues and Passionate textures of Handmade Artisan Clothing & Decor"

Boho Homes, Artistic Statement Decor

Posted by Era Chandok

Bringing ethnic and cultural influences from distant climes, a vintage bridal chest the traditional damchiya, crafted from reclaimed materials provides an artistic centerpiece for boho-chic rooms. With an old-world aesthetic, the handmade Damchiya is a functional console table with hidden storage, and a unique mid-door latch to add an element...

Effortless Bohemian Style Trends

Posted by Era Chandok

Drawing inspiration from a free-spirited lifestyle, Bohemian fashion is in the air. Incorporate this into your style effortlessly by reaching for a kaftan maxi dress which offers a soft, roomy silhouette, allowing for ease of movement. For a more contemporary look, opt for the shorter caftans. Pair the dress with...

Rustic Farmhouse Tables

Posted by Era Chandok

Dinner time is when families come together to share their daily happenning with love and laughter, and when dinner happens over a rustic farmhouse table, the warm woods are so beautiful and cozy. Farmhouse tables bring a a touch of warmth with their aged patinas and subtle hues. Let's explore...


  • I love the sideboard I bought from the shop. Since I do not live in Florida, I had to take a chance that it would be as beautiful as the pics. I'm here to tell you that it exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful, super sturdy and solid and the color is rich and gorgeous! I have no hesitation about recommending this shop.

  • Wonderful working with Mogul Interior. Both husband and wife team took great care and ownership to ensure that our art piece was exactly the way we wanted it. Best yet, it was all done over FaceTime. Thank you again for the great experience!

    Hemang Patel
  • Wonderful and timely experience finding some imported custom wood carvings that they made into 8 foot interior doors for my house! Also made a beautiful king size head board too, love, love, love! Highly recommend mogul interiors!

    Jennifer Walsh
  • Terrific! Super responsive. We bought the 96” Ganesha Barn Door. They customized the size perfectly to fit. Shipped quickly, arrived as promised, and we had it up within hours of it’s arrival. Would happily work work Mogul Gallery again.

    Parker Johnson
  • I love this piece; gorgeous and functional: perfect height for writing. Delivery was fast and the seller was great. I plan to purchase from Mogul again as I continue decorating!

  • I love the damchiya! It is so unique and colorful -- a really beautiful and festive piece. Thank you for the careful shipping too! It was wrapped well to ensure no damages.

    Erika Russi
  • Quality is great and it was as described. Dependable delivery. We love the sideboard, brings out a different look and feel in our modern kitchen. Would order from this shop again!

    Emily Hodges

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