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Antique Indian Carved Doors and Zen

Events in life that are real and surreal lead you to a deeper connection with the one that holds all the keys to the answers, the supreme being, the spiritual effulgence that exists in all of us, as magically divine as a beautiful lotus opening a dewy petal at a time, coming out of the bondage of materialism flowing and uniting into the cosmic universe..

The science of the vedas (ancient sanskrit texts) is very strong in aligning your energies and when used to create spiritually intense interiors the divine light is overflowing and overpowering. Your home is your universe and the beauty of your being is given a new dimension by its interiors.

Indian style decor is rich with exotic colors, spiritually symbolic, magical and brings a very relaxed ambiance. India Carvings add an ethnic and warm touch to any room and enhance your home decor with rich history and tradition.

The main door was considered very important in ancient days as it was the entrance to your prosperity. The more elaborate a door, the higher your status. The carvings like lotus and peacock were all symbolically associated with abundance and prosperity. The metals of brass and iron were use to add strength and to negate bad vibrations. The water pitcher associated with overflowing abundance and the chakra which is the symbol of sun energy made these Haveli Doors very auspicious and served as magnets of good fortune.

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