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Old World Style Furniture & Decor Accent

The old world look offers an eclectic interplay between warm and conventional interiors. Furnishings are antiqued yet regal, rooms are grandly opulent but welcoming. Old world barndoors Artistic elements inspire by nature the rays of the sun and the thousand petal lotus give us the earthing and grounding energy. Elaborately carved doorway arches and teak wood columns with stone bases, the dynamic shift of energy resonates through out the house.

You love the feel of reclaimed wood , natural worn patinas and handmade vintage doors made into accent tables, trible chest like damchia with their eclectic charm and colorful accent , each piece has a story and a purpose. The dowry chests filled woth treasure bring with them the blessings of her parents as she starts her new chaptter in her life. The Huge Antique Indian Gates, Haveli Carved Brass Plates India Veranda Architecture Double Doors. the iron nails go through the solid teak wood and are bent in backwards, such that the ions attracted to metals are grounded through the wood to the earth. the tecnic of energy based design based of principles of grounding electromagnetic charge throgh the metals that decorate the doors.


Rustic Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture and antique decor elements, bring together aspects from various cultures. Rustic furniture, carved armoires, old door cabinets, and chai tables take on the distinct character of cultures with creative aspects included into the design. Handmade furniture and accent decor elements breathe new energy into your home, giving it a global edge and defining its personality. Each unique piece, intricate handcarved media credenzas to rustic wardrobe armoires and coffee tables tells a story through its carvings and patinas. One of a kind furniture exudes history, culture, and personality.

Yoga Altars are places of solace and re-energize your spiritual energy. Energize your aura to manifest your dreams, the altars decorated with statues and carvings of Krishna, Ganesha and Buddha are naturally charged with spiritual energies. The beautiful, serene altars bring positive energy into your life. Create and manifest an intention with yoga altars, yantras, sacred geometry and altar idols.

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Guiding your soul with mala beads, balancing your chakras in spiritual meditation Mala beads blessed with a sacred intention merge with your energy and the universe and take you to a higher level of consciousness. Sacred crystals like the lapiz lazuli, amethyst, obsidian, rose quartz, carnelian, green jade, strung with Rudraksha and Tulsi, the prayer malas are in important part of spiritual practice and meditation.

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Rustic vintage accent tables, old door coffee tables and eclectic Chai Tables are gorgeous accent pieces that make a beautiful statement. Jharokha coffee tables in subtle hues incorporate your creative element, the repurposed woods and worn patinas of the console tables work with farmhouse or modern interiors.

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Womans Bohemian Clothing

Embroidered tunics, oversized kaftans, patchwork skirts, and handmade recycled silk dresses are all fashion statements for free spirited people, whether at home or on a vacation. Maxi dresses, sari wrap skirts, and other colourful handmade apparel in casual, easy styles with embellished accents create a bohemian rhapsody of exquisite designs. Patchwork skirts, ruched high waisted skirts, and loose wide leg harem pants make excellent travel companions and mindful gifts.

Our Story

Our roots began across the ocean but span to the home we have created here. We hope to be able to share the treasures of India with you. Each piece of art has a purpose, the authentic artistic elements capture your heart, and it becomes part of your home. Mogul Interior was established in 2010 but our story began long before then. In 1994, our small family arrived in the United States on a different path Read more about us

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" Exuberant hues and Passionate textures of Handmade Artisan Clothing & Decor"

Contemporary Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Posted by Era Chandok

Living in a comfortable, vibrant, unique household with a global flair and a homemade heart is at the heart of the boho chic aesthetic. It might be anything from a maximalist Boho refuge to a few bohemian accents to liven up a contemporary space. It has an updated look while...

Mindful Fashion, Boho is Back!!

Posted by Era Chandok

Relaxed and chill, mindful Bohemian fashion is holistic and makes use of sustainable practises of using recycled fabrics. Handmade Patchwork skirts and baggy yoga pants, embroidered kaftans, made from recycled silks and cotton fabrics, each is unique in it medley of designs and patterns. The vagabond bold prints, ethnic tribal designs, bohochichippie fashion is...

Green Energy Design, Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors

Posted by Era Chandok

Green Energy Design is built around the principles of nature, energy balance which directly impacts the health and well-being of people living in their homes. Embracing Energy Design Balance principles aligns with the body's circadian rhythms and the five elements that constitute us. Designing for holistic wellbeing, resorts emphasize nutrition and meditation incorporating saunas and meditative spas...


  • Absolutely love this beautiful piece! Was wonderful to work with the seller who responded quickly and with helpful responses. Overall 5 star experience!

    Jessica Kinzbach
  • Beautiful item. Great craftsmanship and quality. Responsive customer service. Delivered exactly as promised.

    John Snider II
  • So happy with the door. I can’t wait to show pictures when it is finally installed. Great company to work with. Responds very quickly.

  • Terrific! Super responsive. We bought the 96” Ganesha Barn Door. They customized the size perfectly to fit. Shipped quickly, arrived as promised, and we had it up within hours of it’s arrival. Would happily work work Mogul Gallery again.

    Parker Johnson
  • I love this piece; gorgeous and functional: perfect height for writing. Delivery was fast and the seller was great. I plan to purchase from Mogul again as I continue decorating!

  • I love the damchiya! It is so unique and colorful -- a really beautiful and festive piece. Thank you for the careful shipping too! It was wrapped well to ensure no damages.

    Erika Russi
  • Quality is great and it was as described. Dependable delivery. We love the sideboard, brings out a different look and feel in our modern kitchen. Would order from this shop again!

    Emily Hodges

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