Most people are very passionate for decorating their homes with their new ideas. Mogulinterior has left no stone unturned to fulfill their ideas and dream of designing interiors with exotic bedspreads, decorating cushion covers, sari curtains, antique wooden furniture from India. We have found best ways for saving your money and provide best amazing décor ideas. We specifically focus on vintage and modern decor surely suite your personal style. Our items very rustic in feel and lighten up your bedrooms with several vibrant colors and add cheerful ambience moment.

Gorgeous warm blue color fantastic ideas for your bedrooms.

Blue is the color of faithfulness, harmony and confidence and is one of the most popular color chosen by people as their favorite color in clothing or decor.Blue color is used by many people to décor as it is believed in many cultures that it brings peace and keeps negative energies away.Blue is the sky and water and a lot of old Indian chests will have a blue patina, as it has a calming effect.

Here are some tips by which you can use blue for your bedroom.

  • Use baby blue Bed sheet and a dark blue cushion cover.
  • Use Turquoise Blue curtains in windows and door.
  • Use multiple shades of blue tapestries.
  • Use blue Cabinet inside your bedroom for storing your items.
  • Blue is associated with the throat chakra and allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings, express inner creativity calmly yet with passion.It contains a cool vibration that aids communication, verbalizing your feelings accurately.

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