Connecting to India's culture and history, Indian interiors are centered around hand carved furniture, ornately carved doors with traditional motifs and richly embroidered textiles. Your gateway to the exotic world of color and old word charm, Indian antiques and art carry the energy of beautiful traditions encouraging prosperity and happiness.

Intricately carved and handmade, authentic Indian furniture is rustic but very solid. Old door coffee tables made from reclaimed doors or the cabinets that have chakra carved doors with hints of color, the designer in you will want to throw in sari toss pillows for a dramatic effect. Exotic color and texture plays with the sumptuously carved teak headboard that takes on the hand printed bedcover in rich luxurious detail. Sari curtains glamorize the windows and the antique banjara tapestry gives a classic vibe to the bedroom.

Indian decor is rich in color, pattern and texture, an authentic antique damchiya fills the room with exotic flair. An antique Indian bench made from oxcarts and layered with colorful pillows, transforms this urban New York apartment into a vibrant, energetic space. Block printed cotton throws are scattered on the sofas and an antique triple arch graces the main wall of the living room. Unique architectural remnants and paintings are the focus and give a pop of color against the white wall. A huge brass cladded hope chest sits in the foyer and is useful to store extra blankets.

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