Yoga is a system that makes use of certain inherent principles of nature to ensure good health.  The basic surmise is that all human beings contain the same FIVE ELEMENTS that the universe is made of – air, fire, water, earth and ether.
These elements are evident in the human body in the form of life-forces or doshas, classified as vata, pitta and kapha. The body remains healthy as long as the three remain in balance. Ill health of any kind is caused by an imbalance in these doshas and the treatment aims to correct the balance.
 Exercise, breathing and diet can affect the life-forces or dosha that impact overall health. Similarly, depending upon the age and physical condition of a person, the dosha or life-force balance varies. Appropriate exercises or asana as they are called in yoga, suitable pranayama –breathing exercises, and a proper diet differ according to the dosha balance in a person.
It is possible that an asana or breathing technique that benefits someone else might actually cause you discomfort. Whether you choose a tunic top or dress to practice yoga, be sure it will stay in place during your poses and will be comfortable enough for final relaxation.
Pair with your favorite yoga dresses that are easy to slip on and off. Longer, sporty-styled tunic tops for yoga are better because they don't bare the belly every time while lifting up the arms.
Tunic dresses also goes well for yoga for their versatility -- just pull off your pants and tuck them into your bag, add some accessories and you're ready for a lunch date after class.

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