Designing your home with Ancient Spirituality old world furniture and antique Indian doors  is aligning with the principles of mindfulness in creating beautiful interiors which improves your connection with your inner self and in turn grounds you to Mother Earth. We are using precious resources and need to be conscious about their limited availability value, vintage reclaimed wood doors and antique furniture at Mogul Interior are restored to their original beauty. Discover the beauty of incorporating ancient spirituality into your home decor with our exquisite collection of old world furniture and antique Indian doors .
The intrinsic design of antique Indian Doors handmade with solid dense woods and metals brings the concept of the yoga of interiors, attracting everlasting joy prosperity and love. Embrace the vintage beauty and spiritual energy radiating from these handcarved Indian Doors, designed to infuse your space with a sense of tranquility and positivity.

In the heart of our existence lies a delicate balance between us and the vital source. We are beings of energy, with prana or life force feeding our soul, which in turn nurtures our physical body. Maintaining equilibrium in this chain is essential, much like a cosmic dance of energy.

Imagine a magnificent Shiva statue that embodies this connection, a symbol of the harmonious flow between our energetic beings and the vital source. This statue stands as a reminder of our prana, feeding our soul, and keeping our physical body in perfect balance.


Utilize the spiritual potential of your house, recharge the energies with old world architecture. Transform your living space into a sanctuary of positive vibes, harnessing the power of ancient Indian architecture.
Our house is an extension of our energy and it grows with us, decorating it with the principles of energy, charging it with colors and texture is an ancient method of bringing in prosperity and good luck. Bring positive energy into your home by embracing ancient methods of decorating with antique carved doors with vibrant color and texture, attracting prosperity and good luck.
Designing your home with antique barn doors charged with Energies of Ancient Spirituality intensifying the connection between you and the universe. Create a serene and spiritual sanctuary in your living space with these vintage barn doors

The meaning of Spirituality differs from person to person. The fact is that our homes is our preserve, our sanctuary, our sacred space. This is where we nurture ourselves both emotionally and intellectually. Our collection of carved doors and garden sculptures is designed to enhance your sacred space and create a nurturing environment for both your mind and soul.

Our home reflects our spiritual being. Conscious natures harmony design and furniture made from reclaimed woods that have absorbed the energies of ancient times creates a beautiful inspiring ambiance. Each piece of vintage furniture intricately crafted from reclaimed woods, imbued with eclectic bohemian energies of the past, envelops the space in an awe-inspiring aura of beauty and inspiration.


Constant change is progress. A home decorated with old world spirituality will connect you to something greater than yourself and help you keep it all in perspective. Embrace the ever-changing nature of life with our vintage home decor that will help you stay connected to the bigger picture.


Shiva bring in the energies that guide the flow of transformation and inspire you to design the home based on what is of greatest importance to you.


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