Antique Doors, Ancient Carvings
The perfect embodiment of rustic luxury, these wellness resorts feature restored barns reconfigured into majestic residences, the soothing presence of nearby woodlands, and the surreal beauty of 18th century estate gates and a granite Mahajara elephant that captivates guests with its exquisite detail. Come explore Mogul Interior, based in Longwood, Florida, the new shipment of antique doors, arches & veranda gates. Hindu influence is a frequent feature found in Indian door design, most notably in the form of the deity "Ganesh," the remover of obstacles. Easily recognized by his elephant head, "Ganesh" is also regarded as the patron of arts and sciences, the deva of intellect and wisdom, and the God of beginnings.On many of these carvings, one may observe Ganesh riding  a rat which symbolizes control over our desires & ego. Ganesh's intent is to gain mastery over desires through consciously evolving the prana or soul.
An exquisite classic carved armoires or an aged wood old door coffee table can introduce the earth element of nature which is grounding. A friend of mine decorated her laundry room gracefully with a traditional Indian doors, which served to store the laundry and cleaning products, an effective and holistic accessory that serves as a wellness tool also! The doors feature teak wood, iron nails which attract the harmful ions and are then grounded to earth throught the wood. This makes these carved doors unique, creating an impressive aesthetic.
Architects and interior designers find value in repurposing vintage Indian doors and teak columns from old mansions for their architectural designs, creating a old world look to even an urban setting. Through a variety of styles from rustic farmhouse to contemporary, these antique elements lend character and ambience to any renovation.The interior doors are crafted with a variety of shapes, from cusped arches, plankings, latticeworks to frame and panel designs. The elegant combination of shapes and decorations--ranging from holistic symbology and historical events to simple pure decoration--creates a classic and timeless beauty.
Vintage style interiors with antique architectural doors increases the perceived design excellence. Custom carving on barn doors and vintage door wardrobe cabinets contribute to defining the character of a home.
Reclaimed wood handcarved doors and salvaged woods offer a powerful design potential when renovating historical homes. Indian doors, handmade & constructed from teak, carved in traditional, intricate designs, display a quality and craftsman's workmanship unlike any other. These stately doors from the past offer a majestic touch to any contemporary interior.

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