Artistic Barn doors create modern rustic interiors and give your home a fresh feel. Barndoors take a traditional design and blend it with modern finishes thereby creating functional art. Handcarved rustic woods, Antique Indian doors are custom made into functional barn doors at Mogul Interior. Get into the vibe of mindful organic decor with reclaimed woods, handmade unique & one of a kind doors.
Narrow doorways, pantry doors, bathroom doors or yoga room doors, if you are looking for an accent piece that has functinal value, then a sliding barn door is just the thing. Don’t assume that a barn door does not work in modern homes, its rustic nature is what gives your home character. Interior barn doors come in a variety of styles, carvings, colors, and sizes. Brass cladded barn doors with intricate detail, inspired from Indian Havels
Get inspired by our beautiful hand carved barn doors and find the perfect place to install your own artistic barn door. Tree of life, lotus carvings or sunrays inspired from ancient cultures, the reclaimed woods and antique doors are repuposed into functional barndoors. Each is a unique piece of art and brings in beautiful energies
Traditional swinging doors take up a lot of room which is why sliding barndoors are preferred in tight places, like a hallway or a guest bathroom or the laundry room. The artistic carved sliding doors add a decor statement  as well as don’t take up space as they slide along the wall on a track. Some of our barn doors are available in pairs so you could even have two barn doors that slide to either side.
Rustic barn doors are earthy and give the farmhouse vibe. You can create barn doors that work with any design aesthetic. The whitewashed thousand petal lotus barndoor is perfect for your yogaroom. The custom made rustic farmhouse doors with the traditional Indian doors style work well in vintage homes. The ornate carvings and trims seen in the brass cladded barndoors are exceptional for Mediterranean homes. 

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