An artistic free spirit craves color and textured woods and enjoys the bohemian energies of artifacts and rustic decor collected during a lifetime of travels. Bohemian interiors create a symbiotic space between your home and decor that celebrates an eclectic global flair. Designing with bold colorful damchiyas, Indian chests on wheels "manjoosh" creates an energetic space and gives my home a new life, just like the banjara gypsies in India.
The unusual pairing of the spectacular turquoise blue doors with the tribal Damchia, an Indian tribal chest with a magnificent three arch facade mirror hung on the wall used as a backdrop for a dynamic visual effect, the end result is gorgeously spectacular.

An eclectic mix of unique antique doors, vintage rustic furniture and cabinets recreated from reclaimed woods make a house your "sanctuary" and vibrate with the energies of the classic traditional design.

Rustic wood teal and ochre patina, interior and exterior vintage doors and hand carved panels have been salvaged from antique havelis. Beautiful holistic carvings of valley of gardens, vortexes of energy, chakras and tribal folklore makes the architecture unique and increases the historic value. Many include iron and brass hardware, including iron bolts, brass medallions and ornate door handles. Platinum Level Expert Author- Era Chandok

Antique Indian furniture such as Damchias and Manjoosh on wheels are traditional Indian hope chests that were used to store textiles or grains in the old days, an unusual and eclectic mix of the traditional Indian style furniture. Takht Coffee tables made from reclaimed vintage doors and dressers in distressed woods with old world carvings bring in beautiful vibrations into your home.

Large hand carved King headboards restored mantles and fireplaces, antique doorways and facades, Buddha wall art, distressed wood sideboards, Ganesha armoires & antique Kamasutra headboards add an eclectic touch to your home.

New Arrivals of interior and exterior doors, Indian arches in extravagant ornate detail and architectural vintage decor, rich with history and tradition the Blue Jaipur doors, arched temple doorways, Indian deity panels, rustic Haveli gates and teak Indian pillars. 

The dynamic combination of blue, green, and reds is not common as they are all strong colors but mix them up with a rustic sand hue and a wild assortment of plants and you have yourself quite a phenomenal rhapsody of color and design.
This artistic beachfront home is beautifully vagabond, filled with rustic whitewashed barn doors, reclaimed woods and rustic furniture in natural textures. The interiors are filled with warm ethnic decor, artistic and in love with nature. The hues of limewashed stone and sand can be seen in the carved armoires that are handmade from vintage woods and have subtle vintage patinas.
The Buddha door with its ochre patina reminds me of ancient Haveli homes. The vintage old door is the focal point in the living room with creepers growing around it. The warmth of the aged reclaimed carved wood and the artistic intricate ornate detail is marvelous. The story that each piece holds is so rich in historical and cultural detail and is steeped in the woods, the energy that emanates from these antiques brings in life in another dimension.
My fascination with old cultures and religions is seen all over the house with the Krishna barndoor in the hallway. Krishna governs the love chakra and is our connection to our loved ones. The Fluting Krishna wall carving with cow tells the story of Krishna playing the flute under the Kalpavriksha tree where all the cows, peacocks and gopis would get together pulled by the magical notes of music playing from the flute.
The carved barn doors are irreplaceable, vintage patinas and brass medallions give a vibrant contrast and depth to the woods. The artisan tribes are famous for their hand embroidered textiles which have mirrors and sequins sewn into the threads. The door panels are inspired from these beautiful masterpieces of artistic creation and is the entrance to my beach house kitchen.
The eating space is an extension of the patio and is set off from the living room giving the space a relaxed, chill vibe. A huge round dining table paired with upholstered chairs gives a refined casualness to the room and I enjoy the sea breeze through the cusped arched windows in the evening.
Subtle artistic rustic elegance mixed with the nomadic gypsy style, a beautiful collage of cultures and global decor.

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