Sliding barn doors are a unique design choice that gives living areas a contemporary yet rustic vibe. They are a fantastic way to add character, functionality, and individuality to a home. The rising popularity of rolling barn doors over traditional swinging doors is due to more than just their aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the advantages of barn doors.

Rolling barn doors are popular today because they fit properly in homes with limited spaces. A traditional swinging door requires some space to open, which is a luxury that compact apartments just cannot afford. The door handles on standard swinging doors can harm walls and restrict paths. Barn doors require some wall space to slide efficiently, but they take up less floor space than swinging doors. This sleek and distinctive feature is especially useful in studio apartments with narrow hallways. In homes where a traditional door would open into a living space, rolling barn doors are a terrific alternative.

In this scenario, the typical door stops entry to another area of the house until it is shut. Barn doors simply glide out of the way, making it much easier to enter and exit a room.

Another advantage of barn doors is their ease of installation. Regular doors must be precisely measured before being installed in doorways. Any errors in taking down measurements will result in a door that does not close or open properly. If you're replacing a standard door, you might as well replace the complete doorframe. This activity could turn into a pricey carpentry project that you can't afford. Meanwhile, installing barn doors is rather simple. You may quickly change it out when redesigning or refreshing your interior design style after it has been installed.

Sliding barn doors are quite useful. We can create them rustic Indian doors and carved panels that makes them a piece of functional art. Opening barn doors to their full length opens up the space to large pieces of furniture.

Barn doors are a fantastic choice for compact places such as closets and are quite simple to install. They are quite useful and come in a variety of shapes and finishes. Mogulinterior offers a wide selection of sliding barn doors, custom doors to meet your interior design needs. Check out our carved door panels selection and place your order for a custom sliding barn door today.

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