Let me show you my home filled with vintage treasures, layered textiles, and lush greenery, my home is a celebration of bohemian maximalism— where anything goes and rules are meant to be broken. Every corner is uniquely decorated with eclectic pieces carefully curated to create a space reminds me of my travels. From whimsical textiles to intricate carved wall sculptures, every element takes me back to the bazars I visited, the markets I explored and the people I connected with.

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I love holistic influences, old world vintage furniture that is inspired by natures harmony, whitewashed wood armoires that were reclaimed from a Haveli in India, tranquil turquoise antique doors that lead to my veranda, and the moody blue lotus doors that I used as my headboard. The infusion of color brings joy and vitality, weaving through the space with a boldness that is both refreshes me and breathes vitality into my home.

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A fan of dark floors and textured walls, I revel in the drama of contrast, playing with light and dark tones to create a dynamic interior, a space that feels both cozy and lively, exuding a playful boho vibe.

Boho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant Home
Boho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant Home

The standing Buddha artistic carved barndoors that lead to my study and the bluewash Tree of Life custom barndoors, every piece speaks to my soul. Handcarved by artisans, it was so inspiring to watch them create these beautiful carvings from old woods, the carvings carry such beautiful and holistic enegies.

Boho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant Home

Textiles reign supreme in my bohemian paradise, with patchwork pillows scattered around chai tables, where i curl up and read my favorite books. The windows accented with colorful window toppers that I found in India adding a touch of bohemian wanderlust.


Boho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant HomeBoho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant Home


Boho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant HomeBoho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant Home


The vintage black patina armoire with hints of blue to sunrays wardrobe in my bedroom, every furniture piece is a statement in itself. Antique door credenza that my husband customized into a bathroom vanity and lattice carved closet doors add to the eclectic mix, creating a space that is as functional as it is visually stunning.

Boho Maximalism: A Journey through a Vibrant Home

My home is a reflection of my passionate spirit and imagination. I worked the beauty of vintage woods & artistic elements and infused every corner with joy, color, and creativity. My boho maximalist home is a celebration of life.

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