Southwestern-inspired with an aura of minimalism, a sense of trendy chic style, the feeling of wanderlust sprinkled throughout with careful suggestions of artifacts this beautiful rustic casita talks to you. Minimalist, egg shell white walls and tidy spaces are evident throughout the home.

Characterized by bohemian style, unconventional and vagabond, the ambiance created by old wooden teak arches and mantles, broad leaf plant life, and handloom cotton throws as well as toss pillows made from recycled natural fabrics in warm earthy tones, the decor is anything but subtle.






 The living room presents the warm brown color of natural old wood in the jharokha coffee tables, matched by the comfy velvet couch, and a kutch tapestry hung on the facing wall.

Relaxed and laidback , stylish and cohesive the earthy aura of the old medieval door cabinet studded with brass stars is just enough of a statement.












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