Vintage wood sliding barn doors are a unique decor accent in luxurious resort styled homes, be it farmhouse chic or rustic urban. Functional art, using artistic carved rustic panels as interior doors, closet doors, library doors or study office doors, gives the house a unique character, connects you to Mother Earth and are beautifully healing as well. Hand carved in reclaimed woods, the tree of life, Gaia door panels, which carry the energy of beautiful, Mother Earth, the colors are earthy and muted, used as wall art they create a spectacular design statement for the upscale million-dollar properties.

Barn doors are a popular design trend in luxury condos, as they are very practical, functional and versatile. Custom carved doors are an art by themselves and can be used almost anywhere in your space, the entry between the master bedroom and bathroom, or the home office doors. The artistic old world carved doors make your space look vintage and unique, optimizing the utilization of space. The custom-made reclaimed wood doors slide directly on to the wall and give you plenty of space on either side as well as create an artistic design element. You are looking at one of a kind, handmade and exceptional interiors, as unique as the artisan who carved it. Platinum Level Expert Author- Era Chandok

Sliding rustic doors can be used as a closet door in a hallway or the foyer. Guest room are also the perfect place for Ganesha and Krishna barn doors, so you can show off their character. Big rustic reclaimed wood barn doors divide your rooms giving a homier feeling to your waterfront home.

Downtown condos, luxury townhouses, the artisan Buddha doors are upgrades that are incorporated into the design as renters crave the experience of eclectic art as well as modern interior design. The customized doors are made from old, reclaimed woods and antique doors, framed such that the back of the door is visible with its iron nails which remove the harmful ions from the surroundings and send them back to earth, creating a healing and symbiotic interior. Keeping the character of the doors is of utter importance and is a signature design created specifically in house at Mogul Interior.

Khajuraho temples are India's foremost architectural and sculptural treasures. Eclectic interiors use vintage reclaimed woods and are very mindful of earth's limited resources, as well as are deeply nurturing. The chakra carved vintage armoire in rustic patinas, or the spectacular turquoise carved sunray sideboard credenza are so versatile, making an artistically unique statement. The vintage rustic cabinets add to the warmth and cohesiveness of your home interior. These artifacts work well with the modernistic eclectic living room decor. Vintage rustic reclaimed woods accent the modern simple lines in a beautiful artistic spirit.

Their historic architectural wealth lies in moments of perfect occurrences depicted by beautifully sculpted forms in elegant detail and enthralling architecture.
The distinctive feature about these temples are the profusely carved walls with an erotic element. The figures of gods and goddesses, nagas and naganins, apsaras and mythical animals and hundreds of couples in erotic moods present a panorama of wall sculptures in captivating rhythm and grace.
The figures sculpted are a medium for the expression of the mood. Sculpture of divinity and has been bold over architecture in Khajuraho. The tree of life is a sacred symbol, which carries significant meanings in spiritual philosophies. While the Tree of Life symbolizes several common themes in multiple cultures. The Tree of Life, Tree of Dreams, represents the connection of everything in this cosmic universe. It symbolizes togetherness and the society, and that you are connected to the energies of the world. The roots of the Tree of Life ground you taking nourishment from Mother Earth, and its branches reach up into the sky, growing with the energy from the sun and moon.  


The Tree of Life symbol represents the connection to your ancestors. The Tree of Life has a wonderful growth of branches that represents the lineage of the family through generations. It symbolizes fertility, continuous growth.

A tree is a beautiful synergistic symbol of strength and prosperity as they stand tall and strong all over the universe. They spread their roots deep to the ground and stabilize your energy. My Trees have weathered several storms and yet they stand tall. Trees weather the upheavals of life and are symbols for cosmic strength.

The Tree of Life symbolizes one's individuality as trees have a unique energy. It symbolizes character, enhances your individuality.  

Our Krishna carvings , Buddha, Ganesha carved door panels are inspired by these temple sculptures, their beauty bearing semblance to these lavishly extravagant carvings.
Tribal Carvings of village life, festival processions, animals, dancers, musicians, hunting scenes depict the daily life of tribes and fascinate you with their detail.
The presence of erotic figures on temples is directed to the fact that religion and sexuality are closely interlinked. A pinnacle of love and passion Khajuraho represents a timeless state of non duality.


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