Discovering a home decor style that resonates with your passion is truly exciting! Cozy maximalism seamlessly blends warmth, comfort, and a passion for diverse and eclectic elements. Applying this style to a small cottage farmhouse can be a daring and enchanting adventure.  Come join us on Instagram @mogulinterior & Facebook @mogulinteriorr

Create a textural symphony, infusing an array of textures and patterns into your vintage furniture, cushions, throws, and rugs. The colorful carved archway not only adds depth but also creates a visually captivating and bold atmosphere.


Fabric Fusion, blending different fabrics like embroidered blankets, wool, linen, and cotton fearlessly, craft a space that exudes a cozy and inviting allure. Pile on old banjara blankets and toss pillows on sofas and beds for an irresistibly welcoming feel. 

Furniture Fusion Fiesta, embrace a daring mix of furniture styles, ranging from vintage Indian door credenzas, traditional carved armoires, to intricately carved antique furniture. Fear not to juxtapose vintage charm with modern pieces, injecting character and bold personality into your space. 

Artful Expression, showcase your art and decor collections with fearless abandon. From cherished vintage doors to finding quirky, unique antique items, let each piece tell a story and bring unbridled joy. 

Introduce a diverse and daring color palette with vintage hues of vintage credenzas. Rich, warm tones can set the stage for a cozy ambiance, while unexpected pops of vibrant colors will elevate the maximalist flair.


Green Oasis Drama, introduce plants boldly, bringing a touch of nature inside that not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to a daringly fresh and cozy home interior 

Timeless Fusion, expertly blend antique decor or vintage furniture with modern pieces, achieving a harmonious and daring balance between different eras.
Lighting Extravaganza, opt for daring and unique light fixtures that steal the spotlight and become the focal points. This adds an eclectic and daring maximalist vibe

Curated Chaos, embrace a daring level of curated clutter, where every item feels intentionally placed. It's not about having too much stuff but about creating a daring and cozy atmosphere with cherished items collected in your travels. 

Dare to create inviting corners with warm rustic woods & relaxed seating, draped in blankets and pillows. These daringly cozy nooks serve as intimate spaces for relaxation.In the exotic world of cozy maximalism, the key is to fearlessly express your personality, creating a space that is uniquely and boldly yours. Enjoy the daring journey of curating your home, letting it evolve over time as you discover new treasures and inspirations. 

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