Using the Vastu principles of design, consciously aligning with the energies of the cosmos, your home attracts positive energy.
Vastu is defined as the Yoga of Interiors.
You can convert your home or work space into a conscious living space by using old world design techniques that makes your home abound with love and positivism.
Consciously designed home rectifies energy imbalances in existing homes and creates the peace and stability we need in our lives.
Vintage design armories and old carved spiritual wall sculptures not only add to the beauty of your living space, they also improve the quality of your life.
By surrounding yourself with grounding furniture elements in your living space you will enhance your soul and make your days cheerful.
The energy flows from the entrance towards the interiors is guided by Ganesha. Bring in the positive energy by using the carved wood wall carvings and furniture to keep the peaceful flow going.
Hand embroidered caftans and loose flowy kaftans are casual and easy to wear dresses, lounge wear and day dresses that keep you comfortable and help increase the vibe of a conscious lifestyle.

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