Design a Conscious Home : Creating mindful interiors, decorating your house with energy balancing techniques that have roots in ancient traditions of Vastu & FengShui, enriched with ancient spirituality these bring us closer to Mother Earth. Become aware of yourself & the interplay of energies with reclaimed old woods that are so soothing & grounding. Let's begin our journey to living a more conscious life & designing a conscious home.
So now a question: Does your home enhance your life consciously? Or does it block you?
Our homes interact with every aspect of our lives and the decisions we take. They can increase stress or when designed with a conscious intention they nurture us and beautify our connection to the world. Antique Doors with holistic carvings of Ganesha & Krishna, or the magnificent carved lentils with the pitcher of prosperity, the carvings guide us to live fuller and positive lives.
Living consciously becomes even better when we create a Conscious Home. A home that is connected to our energy field or aura gives us the nurturing care that we need. Bring in the 5 elements of earth, fire, water, air & ether. The Blue Ganesha Door brings in the water element, the tree of life brings in the earth elements, the bold Krishna on Kaliya brings in the fire element & the whitewashed gray, old door coffee table bring in the air element.
Ether is the Spirit, that which your soul connects to, be it the Buddha sculptures in granite of the wall sculptures of Ganesha. Knowing the different fields of energies and how they are connected to the universe gives us the tools we need to create balanced interiors that inspire our connection with the Divine.
Creating a conscious home starts with knowing yourself: what calms you, what drives you and what stresses you. You can create a space that supports you, gives you joy and inspires you to excel with artistic barndoors carved with the sunrays or lotus. The thousand petaled lotus brings your consciousness to higher plateau, withile the surya or sunrays give life a new energy. These carvings are inspired from old Indian architecture and are beautifully holistic. Create a space defined with the beauty and charming energy of your beautiful self.
Antique doors from old Indian Havelis carry the energies of the old days, each inscribed with ancient symbols of the sundial and lotus flowers, elephants and vines, bringing the earth and energy elements into your home. Studded with iron and brass they balance the electromagnetic field by grounding the negative ions int to the earth. Armoires and sideboards that are handmade from these old doors are used for the same reason as well, apart from being unique and one of a kind.
Once you create a space, feel the flow of energy. The interiors should engage the senses and enrich the soul. The five senses of sight, smell, touch, feel and hearing should all feel balanced but how do you incorporate each one into your design? Colors play a vital role in sight so the keep colors calming and soothing like blues and greens. Vintage blue Jaipur doors were used to bring in the calmness and tranquility of water as Jaipur is a desert city. Play with water fountains nested with a backdrop of wall sculptures of Krishna and Ganesha, using water as a tool to bring in peace and prosperity.
Eliminate stress with lush potted plants that bring in the earth element. Keep your desk clean and organized, improving the flow of harmony and peace.
Personalize your living space with pillows and blankets, soft sari drapes and cotton blankets. Wall art that gives you a tingling feeling when you see it- use them into your design. Select furniture that tells stories and reflects on you as a person, using it as inspiration to drive you to towards your goal in life.
Finally, create a space that enhances your daily practice of meditation and prayer. Harness your spiritual self- the prana, make your home a sanctuary and connect it with the Divine. The beautiful universe and its sacred elements raise your vibrational energies, deepening your connection and enhancing your spiritual growth - allowing the path to the heart to become vividly clear and evolving the person in you to become who you are.
A conscious home will give you joy, peace, and prosperity. You will smile as you enter your home, feel relaxed and secure in its peaceful tranquility and each moment will lead you to an expansion of a blissful life. Explore Mogul Interior's curated collection of antiques & furniture imports from India, we are based in Florida, and we offer FREE SHIPPING all over USA.

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