Furniture from India : Each piece of furniture in the Mogulinterior furniture line is handcrafted in India and is one-of-a-kind. The changing surface and the color of the painted woods give the furniture a distinct style. Natural-stained, waxed reclaimed woods are grounding and earthing.

The bold colors and lovely designs of Indian interior design have long inspired us.The Indian interior design style, in contrast to light, pared-down Scandinavian approach, is full of life and warmth. You should not be afraid of color or pattern if you wish to decorate your home in an Indian manner. When it comes to furniture, being huge and strong is the rule, with dark, solid wood frequently used.


Create a foundation with vintage patina furniture, then add personality with colorful textiles and wall sculptures. We at MOGULINTERIOR import carvings, art and furniture directly from India. Old and meticulously refurbished Indian cabinets, armoires, and other industrial furnishings, as well as consoles, bedside tables, reclaimed wood tables, coffee tables, and much more, can usually be found here. We can custom-make furniture or doors to your specifications.

Our goal is to provide artistic furnishings! Our Antique Indian Furniture collection is aimed at antique furniture enthusiasts. Armoires, bookshelves, cabinets, sideboards, and tables are built utilizing traditional Indian doors and carved framed doors, and are either entirely old or made from reclaimed carved wood remanants from dismantled ancient old residences, Havelis .


The rustic colored furniture and mantel decorations have a Farmhouse feel to them while still having a lovely vintage vibe... Adding an antique Mid-Century Modern cabinet and a weathered side table to the mix works well!
Personally, I'd go with a more blended design in tones of aqua, beige, neutral, and a hint of blue... what's your pick? When you visit, you will be able to get more ideas. The look you want isn't far away, and it's not difficult to attain! ENJOY!


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