The tree of life is a sacred symbol, and carries deep meanings in both religious and spiritual philosophies. The Tree of Life represents the relationships of everything in the universe. It symbolizes togetherness and serves as a reminder that you are never alone, that you are connected to the divine universe. The roots of the Tree of Life dig deep into the earth, accepting nourishment from Mother Earth, and its branches stretch into the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon
Tree of Life carved barndoors takes you toward the source. The Tree of Life stands for growth, abundance in all aspects of life, reflecting that which never ends, the cyclical ebb and flow of cosmic life. The Tree of Dreams whose fruit restores youth to all those who intake its fruit, the vivid plumed birds of paradise or the spiritual chatak birds that only drink raindrops adorn the tree in a scene of paradise. The roots go into the ground and limbs toward the sky, indicating evolution or initiation. The Cosmic Tree, the Divine Tree, its beautiful meaning of strength, wisdom, protection, inner beauty hold true across all spirituality. In India, the Kalpavriksha is a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree that fulfills all desires. Seen in Hinduism, Buddhist and Judaism it is also known as the Tree of Life, World Tree, Tree of Dreams. The Kalpavriksha originated during the  "churning of the ocean of milk" along with the divine cow which is provides for all needs. Its significance transcends the conscious realm, touching the subconscious and beyond the undefinable The tree symbol retains an unconscious link with our ancient times. 
Hand carved barn doors, door panels detailing the tree with birds of paradise, and celestial flowers bring in the beautiful energy of the cosmos. The sliding door panels carved in reclaimed woods can hung on the wall or use as a barn door panel. The tree of life carved doors would be a perfect addition to any room, meditation studio or interior decor.

The rustic carved doors make your home look roomy and unique, and optimizes the utilization of space in an urban chic way. Be it the hallway or the guestroom, the accent doors are one of a kind and uniquely handcarved.The custom designed reclaimed wood doors slide directly on to the wall and give you plenty of space on either side as well as add the functional design element. Design with your creative edge and include the barn doors into your master bedroom. You are looking at beautiful reclaimed wood doors and exceptional design, as unique as the artisan who carved it  in the vintage woods with subtle hues.

Carved rustic doors offer lots of space utilization when used as a closet doors in a hallway or in older homes with narrow passages. Guest room closets are also the perfect place for statement barn doors, so you can show off their beauty. Custom reclaimed wood barn doors accent your large rooms giving a more intimate feeling to your waterfront home.

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