Every home's focal point is the decor. Everyone understands the importance of their home and desires to decorate it with unique & mindful furniture. Every inch of your home is significant, therefore furnish it with our beautiful rustic furniture handmade from reclaimed woods.

We have a huge variety of decor that is artistic & unique for any of your homes. Are you tired of looking directly at the same old pieces of furniture? Then take up your phone and start looking through our website for some unusual & antique Indian-style imported furniture.

In the living area, a carved sideboard credenza serves both useful and decorative purposes. They serve as accent pieces in any room, whether it's a living room, traditional lounge, bedroom, or outdoor area. The sideboards are designed for storage as well as accent decor pieces showcasing your designer talents.

The height and proportions of the Indian trunk on wheels or the Manjoosh enhance the dining room or kitchen setup. Use as a bar cart as the chest can store wine bottles or as a kitchen island and add a granite top to give it added style. The antique trunks are handmade in old hardwoods, so they keep the wine at a cool temperature. the back of the chest is sliding doors so quite practical too.

Even if they aren't the main place, damchiyas or tribal Indian chest with mirrors add a fresh touch to the area and helps to bind the space together. Statement decor for living rooms connects the story with global cultures. By introducing rustic patinas and earthy texture, sideboards can make any room look eclectic and fashionable. To rapidly style up your space, place a good stack of books, an old wood bowl, some antiquities, and a table lamp.

 Vintage Sideboards are available in a variety of styles, be it the chakra carved credenza or the old door blue sideboard that adds a pop of color and much needed drama in a modern room. 

Rustic Wood sideboard can be purchased online at Mogul Interior, and we offer Free Shipping, while keeping in mind the living costs thats a huge saving! Please check our reviews on Google before making a purchase and see what our customers say about us.

Choose from a variety of vintage table collections at "MOGULINTERIOR" to update your home, hotel furnishings, restaurant interiors, and more! Enjoy free shipping, direct import prices and unique accent furniture across the entire furniture line and personalize your home to your satisfaction!

Buy Sideboard direct from the manufacturer. End Tables are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Online furniture shopping for entire home furnishings, hotel and restaurant furnishings, and more. However, the End Tables for Living Room are light and of excellent quality, and the best part is that you can purchase them directly from the IMPORT-HOUSE, 'MOGULINTERIOR.'

Why buy furniture from other stores when you can get it directly from the IMPORTHOUSE and at a better price.......

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